Order at a Mexican Restaurant and We'll Guess Which Spanish Word Describes You

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In some grade schools, Spanish is taught not only to help create a dialog with people from another country, but it is also used to introduce children to the colorful and wondrous world of various Spanish speaking countries.  Even though it only scratches the surface, it usually helps students decide what foreign language to take in high school (if it were necessary).

While you were in class, were you the student who stumbled through translation and pronunciation, or were you a naturally fluent speaker?  Was your teacher the kind that insisted on a fully immersive experience, only accepting answer and questions in Espanol? Or were they more laid-back, providing pronunciation guidance in easy to digest pieces?

One place where it comes in handy to know some Spanish is when visiting your local Mexican restaurant. This haven of Taco Tuesdays, horchata, fresh guacamole, and margaritas is a portal into the world that is Mexican culture. Mariachi bands visit from table to table, rich tapestries and artwork hangs from the walls, and eating food from one of these restaurants is a wonderful way to step away from the everyday cuisine of the American diet. 

So get your taste buds ready for a culinary adventure and grab some nacho chips. It's time to find out which Spanish word describes your personality.

Have you ever celebrated Cinco de Mayo?

Why do you like Mexican food?

When it comes to Latin music, what song do you want to hear piped into the restaurant while you eat?

When it comes to Mexican restaurants, what kind of establishment are you looking to visit?

Who are you planning on going with to the restaurant?

When you're given the menu, which items do you tend to look at first?

While waiting for your server to take your order, do you eat any jalapeños en escabeche (jalapeno pickled vegetables)?

The server comes to take your drink order. What do you get?

How many margaritas are you going to have this evening?

Which kind of salsa would you use to dip your nacho chips in?

What kind of tortilla chips do you like?

If you were to get a margarita, what size would you want?

Which of these Mexican appetizers would you order?

When you order your guacamole, which ingredient do you like the most?

During the meal, a mariachi band comes to play. What do you do?

Do you get any soup before your meal?

What kind of meat do you want as part of your main dish?

Which of these peppers would you eat?

What do you think about refried beans?

Do you like Spanish rice?

What are your feelings on cilantro?

During the meal, a mariachi band comes to your table; however, they're super loud. What do you do?

Which sauce do you get on your food?

Do you get any additional items with your meal?

Which of these desserts sound the yummiest?

How many people are you planning on sharing your dessert with?

How much are you thinking on tipping your server?

During the meal, a mariachi band comes to play and you've had too much to drink. What do you do?

What flavor sangria do you like?

By the time you get to the restaurant, you find that it's closed. Where do you go for your Mexican food craving?

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