Order Some Chinese Food and We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are

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About This Quiz

Chinese cuisine originated in different regions of China and different parts of the world where Chinese people lived. Based on the availability of ingredients, this food has been divided into four major cuisines, now eight. It has influenced many of the other types of cuisine both in and outside of Asia. In many parts of China, it was and still is considered inappropriate to use utensils such as knives on the dining table, as chopsticks served the purpose of both cutting and picking up food. 

Many of the staple foods in the cuisine include rice, bread and different kinds of noodles. Some of the most popular meals ordered include kung pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, Peking roasted duck, spring rolls, wonton and dumplings, as well as the number of tofu and vegetable options. 

Everyone has a favorite type of food and whether it happens to be Chinese or not, your food choices say a lot about who you are? Would you like to find out which of the Disney princesses it says you are like? If yes, then all you have to do is take this quiz!

How often do you eat Chinese food?

Is it your favorite kind of food?

Why do you like Chinese food?

How do you order your food?

How close is your favorite Chinese joint?

How much do you usually spend on the meal?

What time of day do you eat Chinese food?

Are you able to eat with chopsticks?

Who do you eat it with?

Where do you like to eat your meal?

Which of these appetizers do you order most often?

Which of these other appetizers would you get if what you wanted was unavailable?

What kind of meat do you like in your dumplings?

Which of these entrees sounds good?

Which of these entrees would you get to go home with?

What kind of sauce do you like with your food?

Which of these soups immediately makes you feel better?

Which of these sides usually comes with your meal?

What kind of rice do you like with your order?

Which of these lo mein dishes would you try?

Which of these beef dishes sounds good?

Which of these chicken dishes is your favorite?

Which of these vegetable dishes would you take if you were looking for a healthy alternative?

Which of these greens do you like to eat with your meal?

If they served breakfast, you would definitely be getting …

How do you feel about leftovers?

Which of these desserts finishes off the meal?

Which of these things do you want your fortune cookie to say?

Which of these drinks do you wash it down with?

Which of these Chinese cities would you like to go to taste authentic food?

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