Order Some Coffee and We'll Tell You Who Your Gilmore Soulmate Is!

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"If you're out on your own, feeling lonely and so cold..." All you have to do is grab a cup of coffee and settle in with one of these Gilmore Girls heartthrobs. From Luke to Logan, let's find out who your Gilmore Girls soulmate is!

Gilmore Girls began in October 2000 on The WB. The series followed a single mother as she tried to raise her young, bright teenage daughter. While Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were an iconic duo, who could forget their crazy love lives? Were you rooting for Max or did you think Lorelai's soulmate was Luke? Was Rory better suited with Dean or were you kicking him to the curb for Jess?

While you might know who you wanted Lorelai and Rory to end up with, who is your Gilmore Girls soulmate?

Do you need a strong cup of coffee that will be there for you day in and day out? You'd be a perfect mate for Luke. Maybe you're better suited for a cup of coffee that's going to give you that much-needed jolt! You'd be living in the fast lane with Logan!

Luke and Logan may not be for you. You might need a dark roast like Jess that is a shock to your system with the first sip but you can't help coming back to it!

Is your soulmate Luke? Or is it his nephew, Jess? There's love blooming in Stars Hollow, and we're here to find out who you're taking a walk around town with!

Let's find out!

Let's start simple: Do you even like coffee?

What kind of coffee shops do you like to visit?

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up on a morning?

Why do you drink coffee?

On a scale of 1-4, where one is the least and four is the most, how much do you need caffeine on a daily basis?

How many cups do you have per day?

How old were you when you first had coffee?

When do you usually drink your coffee?

You’re out of coffee filters. How do you react?

Someone asks you to go cupping. What's your response?

How do you grind your beans?

Which brand of coffee do you prefer?

When the baristas at the coffee shop near your house see you coming, what do they do?

Why is there a line out the door at your favorite coffee shop?

How do you like your chocolate?

How do you feel about sugar in your coffee?

What do you usually eat with your coffee?

Which Starbucks drink would you rather order?

How fancy is your coffee order?

If you had to describe your taste in coffee, what word would you choose?

Which biscuit would you rather have with your coffee?

Which of these things annoys you the most?

There’s no coffee, what do you drink?

Are you willing to drink instant coffee?

Which country would you rather drink coffee in?

Which of the following is closest to your life's motto?

What do you add to your coffee?

How big is your coffee pot at home?

Why do you choose to drink coffee?

How do you grind your beans?

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