Order Some Desserts and We'll Guess Your Greatest Fear

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Some people say that desserts are the best part of a meal, and we'd like to think that they're right! There are many different types of desserts that are native to certain cities and countries. For example, mochi is a popular dessert in Japan while dasik, which are tea cookies, are fundamental in Korea. Even if you're not familiar with some of these desserts, not to worry! This quiz has all kinds of sweet confections like cakes, pies, cookies and even fried desserts!

While some people refer to desserts as an overly sweet type of food, it's important to keep in mind that not all desserts are sweet. In fact, many desserts are quite subtle in flavor, while some even have savory notes to them! Some of these include avocado ice cream, sweet potato pie and some flavors of macarons. Some desserts can even be spicy, with ice cream as a popular choice for sneaking in some hot peppers. If you're not a fan of spicy desserts, there are also sour ones as well, with Warheads as one of the most popular sour candies. But enough about candy and desserts, it's time for us to guess what your greatest fear is based on your sweet preferences!

What is the best topping for an ice cream sundae?

Do you prefer warm or cold desserts?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much of a sweet tooth do you have?

Which of these pies would you love to indulge in right now?

Do you prefer to bake or buy desserts?

What is the best flavor of ice cream?

Which of these desserts is the best thing to order at an amusement park?

What is the best part of a birthday cake?

You tend to daydream about which of these cookie flavors?

How do you feel about fried desserts?

Is it a crime to eat brownies with walnuts in them?

What is the best type of cereal to use for a marshmallow bar?

It's 7 a.m., which means it's time to choose one of these doughnuts for breakfast.

Have you ever tried a dessert wine?

Frozen yogurt versus ice cream versus gelato: Who wins this debate?

Is cookie dough meant for eating or for baking?

Halloween is a great time for candy apples, which taste the best with which of these toppings?

Do you prefer cupcakes that have a filling in them?

A birthday cake calls for which of these classic cake flavors?

What is the best type of fruit to use for a fruit cobbler?

Which of these candies is sure to give you a sugar rush?

Do you always save room for dessert after a big meal?

Which of these French desserts is worth a plane ticket to France?

There is no such thing as happiness if you can't have _________ Jell-O.

Is ice cream cake a stroke of genius or a ridiculous idea?

Do you prefer sweet, sour or spicy candy?

What type of chocolate do you really want on Valentine's Day?

What is the best type of filling for churros?

Which of these foreign desserts sounds the most appetizing?

A Thanksgiving feast calls for which of these desserts as a finale?

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