Order Some Meals and We'll Reveal Your Ultimate Food City

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About This Quiz

Some people think that love is the universal language, but let's be honest. We all know that it's really food. Nothing can unite us with others like a meal, and nothing can inspire us more than trying a new flavor. Once you order some meals, we'll be able to tell you which food city best matches you and your foodie stature. 

As we chow our way through this quiz, we are going to present you with meal options. Some of them might not be your thing, but others might be the meal of your dreams. After we see how advanced your palate might be, the kinds of foods you like, and the foods you would rather never try, we will be able to reveal the city you would most enjoy eating your way through. 

From Rome to New York, the world has a lot to offer in the food department. Order your favorites during this quiz, and we'll tell you where you should direct your travel agent. Will it be the city you've always dreamed of visiting, or will it be a brand new destination? Your choices will let you know. 

Which food city is your ultimate? Taste your way through our questions, and we will reveal it! 

Will you start your meal with an appetizer?

Do you prefer red or white wine with your meal?

Would you prefer lobster stew or clam chowder?

How would you prefer to have bacon in a meal?

How would you like your steak cooked?

Which pizza topping would you double?

Which kind of rice makes a better side?

What is your favorite potato preparation?

Which dessert would you choose to end a meal?

Which chicken entree would you order?

Which breakfast side do you enjoy most?

Which kind of sandwich would you like most?

What would you order at a Chinese restaurant?

Which item from an Indian food menu do you like most?

What topping would you add to a hot dog?

Which condiment do you use most?

Which kind of cheese do you prefer?

On what kind of bread to you prefer sandwiches?

Which kind of sushi would you order?

Which fish would you order as an entree?

What would you order from a French restaurant?

Which comfort food do you prefer?

What would you order from a Thai menu?

Which kind of taco would you order?

What would you order from McDonald's?

Which kind of soup do you like most?

Which kind of pasta would you order?

Which exotic fruit would you like to try?

Which roasted vegetable is the best?

Which kind of soft drink would you have with a burger?

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