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Organic gardeners pay very careful -- some say obsessive -- attention to their soil to produce fruits and veggies that they claim taste better than supermarket goods. Organic gardeners can be really into worms, too -- take this quiz and find out why.

A key component of organic gardening is increasing the percentage of organic matter in your soil. Most soil contains how much organic matter?

Your average backyard soil contains about 5 percent organic matter. One of the goals of organic gardening is to increase this percentage.


Organic gardeners always seem to be managing the levels of which element in their soil?

Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient, but if the plants don't use it all, it can leach out of the soil and cause pollution. So organic gardeners have to perform a very delicate balancing act with their soil's nitrogen levels.


What is compost?

Compost is an essential part of any organic garden. And you can't just dump your leftover food on your garden and call it a day -- most organic gardeners have a very detailed composting routine.


What's vermicompost?

Regular old compost is not enough for serious organic gardeners -- they use worms to kick things up a notch. The worms eat the compost, and their poop and mucus makes the mixture even more nutrient-rich. A little gross, but true.


What's the best kind of worm to use for vermicomposting?

Regular old worms just won't do, of course. Red wigglers are especially good at eating our rotting food and converting it into soil nutrients.


What is worm tea?

Wow, organic gardeners really do like their worms, don't they? Worm tea is water-soaked and oxygenated worm droppings. When you spray it on your plants, it's an insect repellant, fungicide and soil conditioner. And you can even feed the tea back to the worms to create even more good bacteria. Whoa.


Which of these things can be used as organic fertilizer?

Dried blood (usually from horses and poultry) is one of the most effective organic fertilizers, in part because of its nitrogen content.


What is organic hydroponic gardening?

Hydroponic gardening -- using water instead of soil -- can be nonorganic, too, but the practice has taken off recently among organic gardeners.


What's the best organic weed killer?

Unfortunately, there is no magic organic mixture that kills all weeds. Your best bet is to attack preemptively with careful mulching and garden planning, then pull or dig up any weeds you see as soon as possible.


What vegetable did President Obama ban from the White House organic garden?

The White House garden contains more than 50 kinds of veggies, but the President apparently couldn't stand the thought of beets being among them.


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