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You know the mess is up there, hiding in your attic. Old clothes, holiday decorations, keepsakes, old furniture and perhaps even garbage-worthy items, are all stored in a half-hazard, disorganized fashion in your attic. Tackle this mess head on with a clear organizational plan. Take this quiz and learn how to organize your attic.

Most attics contain:

You are not alone when it comes to disorganization in the attic. Most people have unmarked boxes and bins in their attic.


How long does it take to organize a typical attic?

Be realistic and set attainable goals. Organization of most attics occurs over a period of several months and is not a one-day job.


What is the first thing you should do when organizing your attic?

Before you start organizing, you need to know what you have. Your first step in organizing your attic is taking inventory.


You should throw something out if:

Many items stored in attics are used infrequently, like Christmas decorations. Base your decision on how easy it would be to replace the item, rather than on the frequency of use.


You should sort your attic items into three categories. What are they?

Separating your attic items into three groups – always used, used on special occasions and rarely used – will help you make important decisions about storage.


How can you creatively keep your children's old baby clothes?

You can create a quilt yourself or have one professionally made by incorporating your children's old baby clothes. A keepsake quilt can help decrease your attic clutter.


How should you store your attic items?

Store all your attic items into logical categories, such as holiday decorations, children's clothes, toys, etc. Make sure to properly label all boxes.


What should be stored toward the back of your attic?

Store items that you infrequently use toward the back of the attic, since these items don't need to be easily accessible. Keepsakes are a good example of something that should be stored at the back of your attic.


What can help you with storage in your attic?

You might want to consider investing in a shelving system for your attic, which can help you capitalize on storage space.


You should store your attic items in:

Store most of your items in plastic containers to protect from damage and decay. Consider storing legal documents in a fire resistant box.


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