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Your child's possessions can really start to add up. Clothes, books, toys and collectibles may seem endless and difficult to control. Take this quiz and learn how you can organize your child's room.

At what age can you reasonably include your child in the organizational process?

A four-year-old may actually enjoy the task of sorting through his/her toys with you.


What valuable lesson do you teach your child by involving them in the organization process?

Essential for a child's development is teach life skills, such as putting garbage where it belongs, and showing your child how to treat their possessions with respect.


What is the first step in organizing your child's room?

First and foremost, you need to take an inventory of your child's possessions. At the same time, get an idea of what your child would like to keep and what he/she can do without.


What is an important factor to consider when choosing a new organization system?

A preschool age child should be reasonably able to clean up after themselves. Choose an organizational system that your child can easily manage.


How can you encourage your child to be involved with the inventory process?

Create an inventory chart with easy-to-follow categories. Your child may actually enjoy putting all of their possessions into categories with you.


What part of your child's room requires detailed inventory?

Your child likely has a variety of clothes, including clothes that are too big, clothes that no longer fit and clothes that are worn out. Take note of all of these sub-categories while doing your inventory.


How can you best limit your child's collectible clutter?

Allow your child one display shelf to show off collectibles and store the rest. Rotate the display shelf with new collectible items every once in awhile.


It's best to store your child's toys only in:

Some parents prefer that all of their child's toys be stored in their room. Either parents prefer no toys in their child's room. It's really up to you and your family's needs and desires.


When sorting through your child's toys make categories for:

Most organizational experts recommend making four piles while sorting through your child's possessions: garbage, charity, storage and keep. Take an inventory of your child's items while sorting stuff into these piles.


How can you decrease toy clutter?

Leave out toys that your child uses frequently. Store the rest and rotate toys on a regular basis. You'll be surprised at how excited your child will get at playing with “new old” toys!


What are typical child bedroom zones?

Organize your child's room in a way that everyone can easily follow and understand. Zone off sections of your child's room according to sleeping, reading, playing and dressing zones.


How do you encourage your child to be organized?

Children learn by watching and doing. If they see you are organized with your possessions, they are more likely to do the same. They may also be more invested in the process if you involve them in the first place.


Why should you make your children's clothing accessible to them?

Children at a very young age enjoy picking out clothing and dressing themselves. Encourage independent dressing and independent organization of clothes by making your children's clothing accessible to them.


A reading zone should have:

Encourage a positive relationship with reading by creating a comfortable spot with proper lighting in your child's room.


How can you increase storage space in your child's room?

You can buy bed lifts at most stores that sell children's furniture. Create more storage underneath your child's bed with a bed lift.


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