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Almost every house has a garage, and it's usually the designated storage space for everything from a broken bicycle to the old carpet. It's time to get that place in order, especially if you want to park your car there.

What is the major problem connected with organizing a garage?

The accumulation of all kinds of items is a major problem.


Is it necessary to get rid of all these miscellaneous acquisitions?

If everything is properly stored and organized, you might not need to throw out anything.


What is the best reason for organizing your garage?

Being able to see and access everything you need is a compelling reason to get organized.


In terms of storage space, what is the main characteristic of a garage?

A garage has more wall space than floor space.


How should you begin?

Determine what space is available after allowing room for your car.


What part of the garage is often overlooked in terms of storage potential?

The ceiling is a valuable storage resource. Hooks and shelves installed from the ceiling provide a great deal of storage area.


What is the least expensive way to get your garage organized?

Well designed shelving need not cost a lot but will help get stuff off the floor and separated into accessible locations.


If you have plenty of shelf space, what else is needed for efficient organization?

Arrange the items by category, separated by dividers and mark things clearly.


How can you best deal with the numerous small items that pile up?

Drawers, bins or boxes provide good organizational solutions.


Once you have everything organized and shelved, what next?

Most people will want a work or hobby area apart from using the garage for storage.


Is a well-organized workbench necessary to work more efficiently?

Your work will definitely be easier if you have all you need in clear view and accessible.


How can having a garden relate to a garage?

If you don't have a garden shed, you will probably store your gardening equipment in the garage.


If you need to store gardening stuff in your garage, what will you need?

You'll need a place to do your gardening magic as well as space to store soil, plants, pots and other stuff.


Since garage floor space is limited, what should you do about the pots, soil and other garden stuff?

A carefully designed collection of crates and bins will contribute towards a tidy, compact gardening section.


Assuming you store recycle bins in the garage, how can you prevent clutter resulting from environmental awareness?

You can use stackable recycle bins or attach them to the wall to free up floor space.


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