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When most people think of clutter, they envision a messy, disorganized office. You keep a multitude of stuff in a home office, everything from the family computer to your bills and receipts. Take this quiz and learn some simple ways you can organize your home office.

Who needs an organized home office?

Whether you work from home or you are a student, you can benefit from an organized work space. Messiness can be a distraction from your task at hand.


What is a benefit of keeping your clutter at bay?

Clutter can affect both your productivity and your health. Clutter attracts insects, germs and dust. Clutter can also make it difficult for you to find what you need.


What areas of your home office may need organization?

The organizational options in your home office are almost endless. Everything from wires to writing supplies can benefit from a little organizational help.


Disorganization can lead to:

According to the American Association for Professional Organizations, disorganization can actually cause stress. Many people feel overwhelmed by their disorganization and clutter in the home.


How much do businesses lose each year as a result of disorganization?

Businesses really lose out when it comes to disorganization. Disorganization and clutter cost approximately $8,000 dollars per year, per employee.


Over the course of your life, how much time do you lose because of disorganization?

Disorganization wastes your time. You lose about a year of your life because of disorganization. Think of this fact the next time you're aimlessly looking for your wallet or keys!


What is a great tool that you should buy to help with organization?

A label maker is a handy tool to help you get organized. Label your boxes, bins and shelves with various categories and start organizing!


Why should you avoid placing your computer on the floor?

You should avoid placing your computer on the floor, especially if your floor is carpeted. It's a fire hazard and it can shorten the life of your computer.


Your computer desk should come equipped with?

Buy a computer desk that has adequate storage space for your hard disk drive and keyboard.


It's important to keep wires out of harms way. What should you do with your electronic wires in your home office?

There are special containers that can hold your electronic wires. This is especially important if you have young children in your household.


What is the first step in organizing your office supplies?

First things first, test out all your office supplies, such as pens, to make sure they work. If something is broken or useless, throw it away.


What should you do if you have a lot of pens?

Keep out a few pens that you use most often. Take the rest of your pens and store them in the closet for future use.


What kitchen device is useful for office organization?

If you have a lot of pens, pencils and paraphernalia, consider organizing everything in a cutlery tray.


What is the first step in organizing your files?

First off, sort through your files by placing everything into different categories. This can help you determine where your files should be stored.


Sort your files into these three different categories:

Sort your files into three meaningful categories: use frequently, use occasionally and rarely use. Consider using an archiving system for the files you rarely use.


What office supplies will you need for sorting through files?

Before you get started sorting through your files, go out on a little shopping spree and purchase: new file folders, a filing cabinet or filing boxes and something to make labels with. Now your ready to organize!


What office papers should be shredded?

Shred anything that has your personal information or the personal information of someone else. You can never be too careful.


How do you go about shredding papers?

You can purchase an inexpensive shredder for as little as $25. You can also look into the services of a professional shredding company.


What should you do before you purchase a new office desk?

Your office desk should be big enough to house your electronics and provide adequate work space. It should also be small enough that it fits nicely in your office.


Besides an office desk, what over type of office furniture can greatly help with organization?

If you own other electronics beside your computer, like a fax or printer, you may need an additional small table or cabinet.


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