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Crayons, paper, stickers, paint, paintbrushes, blocks, puzzles, doll clothes, books -- the list seems endless. No wonder why a child's playroom is always in a state of constant chaos. Your child's world doesn't have to be disorganized and cluttered. Take this quiz and learn how you can organize your child's toys.

What is the most important thing when cleaning your house?

Above all else, you should organize your stuff, especially if you have kids, every single day.


What areas of a house never seems to stay clean when you have kids?

Kids have a lot of possessions, everything from clothes to books to coloring supplies, which typically results in a perpetual mess.


What is the first step in organizing your child's toys?

Sort through your child's toys, deciding on what should stay and what should go.


Storage containers that house toys should be:

Purchase durable and easy-to-use storage containers for your child's toys. You want these containers to last and you also want your child to clean up independently.


How often should you give away or throw away unwanted toys?

Keep the clutter at bay by making a point of giving away or throwing away toys every year. Unwanted or unused toys are simply taking up valuable storage space.


Once you've sorted through your child's toy, what should you do next?

The amount of stuff your child owns may seem overwhelming. That's why it's best to develop an inventory of your child's possessions.


Your child will likely be _________ with fewer possessions.

Too many toys can lead to over-stimulation. You may notice that your children are actually happier with less clutter in their toy bins.


You should sort toys into:

Take note of duplicate toys, broken toys and toys that your child no longer plays with. Next sort all toys into three categories: keep, garbage and donate.


How much involvement should your child have in this sorting process?

Get your child involved in the sorting processes. Allow your child to make some of the decisions.


What should you do once you've narrowed down your child's toys?

Sort through your child's toys once again, this time putting the toys into meaningful organizational categories that are easy for you and your child to understand.


What type of “play zones” should you create in the playroom?

Create “play zones” in your playroom to best suit your child's playing needs. Whatever works best.


What is a handy organizational tool for organizing your child's possessions?

Mark each bin and shelf with a different toy category. This is especially helpful if your child is old enough to read.


Get great organization ideas by visiting:

Your child's teachers have to organize toys and possessions in a much larger scale. Get some great organizational pointers by visiting your child's school.


What should you do with broken toys?

Broken toys are of no use to anyone. Throwing them out is probably the best option.


What should you do if you involve your child in the organizational process?

Depending on the age of your child, you can let them do the sorting, within reasonable limits. It's best to set some ground rules for them.


What should you foster in your child when going through their toys?

Instill a sense of caring in your child by discussing the value of donation. Your child may actually be happy to donate their unwanted toys to needy children.


What type of toys should you keep in the family?

You may want to hang onto your toys, even if your children have out-grown them, especially if you expect a new addition to the family. Keep durable and plastic toys in storage for future children.


Store keepsakes and family heirloom toys in:

It's best to store keepsakes and family heirloom toys in a dry and climate controlled environment. Outdoor storage units and unfinished basements are likely too cold and damp.


What furniture item is worth the investment when organizing your child's playroom?

Install wall shelving for toy items that are not used as often or for stuffed animals. Consider also purchasing a kid-friendly storage system.


What type of storage bin is best when organizing your child's playroom?

It's best to use a storage system whereby your child can easily see their toys. Uncovered baskets or clear storage bins are great options.


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