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"Where's the peanut butter? Has anyone seen the crackers?" Do these questions sound familiar in your household? If so, you may be a candidate for organizing your pantry. Get yourself organized by taking this quiz.

If you have to hunt through your pantry to find an item, it's time to:

That's a good sign that the time has come to organize your pantry.


In what way would an organized pantry save you time?

An organized pantry means that you know what's in it. This will save you time during meal preparation and grocery shopping.


Which of these are basic principles of organizing a pantry, regardless of your method?

There are a number of basic principles for organizing your pantry, and these are just two of them: make regularly used items accessible and place them in order of expiry date.


What is the goal of organizing your pantry?

The goal is to maintain a tidy, organized pantry even weeks after you first do the task so that you don't need to hunt for things in a jumble.


What is a side benefit of storing food in airtight containers?

Your food would last significantly longer by storing them in airtight containers.


The size of your pantry and the amount of food you want to store in it will affect:

Both of these factors will affect the method you choose to organize the pantry.


What is the first step in organizing the pantry, regardless of your method?

The very first step is to empty and clean the pantry interior.


What should you do as you are grouping the items together?

While you are sorting the items into groups, throw out the ones that are too old to keep.


Which items should you put in the harder-to-reach areas?

The items that you don't need often should be put in the less accessible areas.


When you pre-plan meals, what should you put into containers?

Put in any pantry items you'll need for that meal, as well as the recipe that goes with it.


What is meant by the term "nonperishable"?

Nonperishable food is food that lasts for years without going bad. An example of this would be honey.


Why is it a good idea to store flour and grains in airtight containers?

First, you prevent them from being exposed to moisture. Second, you protect them from being invaded by bugs.


How long do sugar and similar dry goods usually last for?

They are usually good for about one year.


How can you keep track of the freshness of items?

You can institute a labeling system, which indicates the respective dates of purchase.


Where is the best place to keep spices?

Spices should be kept in a cool, dark place. This will protect their flavor.


Canned food can last for at least two years in many cases. What is important to check before opening an old can?

As long as there is no leak, you should be able to open a can and consume its contents even after the expiration date.


Having stackable containers means that you can:

Stackable containers means maximum storage space.


In what way are baskets versatile as food holders?

They can be taken in and out of the pantry with ease, while still holding the contents within.


Stair-step shelves in a pantry can be likened to:

They can be likened to stadium seats, whereby the further back you go, the higher you are. For a pantry, this means always being able to see the food at the back, because the front foods are lower.


When did Earl Silas Tupper introduce Tupperware to the market?

He began in 1946, but it wasn't until 1949 that the product really took off.


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