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Organizing your clothes can be a rather daunting and intimidating process. This chore can even take more than a day, but it's worth the effort! An organized bedroom can make you feel liberated and stress free. Take this quiz and learn more about how you can organize your clothes.

How should you organize your wardrobe?

The most common way to organize your clothes is according to season. Your bathing suit should not be stored with your heavy wool Christmas sweater!


What is a good strategy when owning a wardrobe?

You are more likely to utilize your wardrobe if you own less stuff and it's organized properly.


What should you do with your out-of-season clothes?

You should take remove your out-of-season clothes from your clothes and dresser. Only put clothes used frequently in the prime real estate of your bedroom.


Rotating your clothes can help:

Just like a kid enjoys playing with a long lost toy, you will feel invigorated by wearing something you haven't seen in awhile. Rotating your clothes in your wardrobe also frees up space in your bedroom.


How can you remind yourself of your clothing rotation schedule?

Mark your calendar for two dates in the year to remind you of your rotation schedule: once in the spring and once before the winter chill.


What piece of clothing should you consider donating if you are a woman?

Consider donating your wedding dress to a charity organization. It will go to a good cause and free up needed space in your closet.


When sorting through your clothes, what categories should you create?

This sorting task may take some time. Sort all your clothes in three different piles: keep, donate and trash.


Before sorting through your clothes, what should you do?

This sorting process will take up a lot of room, so before you start, make sure you have enough place. You may even need to move furniture out of the room.


What part of your wardrobe should you start sorting first?

Sort your shoes first. This will probably go more quickly compared to other parts of your wardrobe.


Sort your shoes into:

Sort your shoes according to the seasons, making sure to put shoe pairs together.


Once you've sorted your shoes by season, sort your shoes into:

Next, for each seasonal category, sort your shoes into different categories. These categories are determined by what you have and your needs, anything goes.


Where should you store special occasion shoes?

Store your special occasion shoes in the back of your closet. Keep the shoes you use the most often in the front for easy access.


What categories should you first sort your clothes?

First, sort your clothes according to season. This task may take some time to complete.


Once you've sorted your clothes into seasonal piles:

Next, just like what you did with your shoes, make subcategories of your clothes. This will help you decide what you want to keep, what you want to donate and what you want to throw away.


How many pieces of sentimental clothing should you keep?

Limit the number of sentimental clothing you keep. Don't let this pile exceed five pieces of clothing.


Getting rid of old pieces of clothing can be a:

Throwing away your old high school T-shirt can definitely be emotional and stressful. It can also be liberating.


Consider throwing away or donating clothes that you haven't worn in the last:

Some people find it hard to decide what should be donated and what should be thrown away. One strategy is to purge clothing you haven't worn in the last year to year and a half.


What can help keep your drawers more organized?

Consider using drawer dividers to separate smaller articles of clothing, like your socks and underwear.


How should you divide up your clothes in your drawers?

Store your clothes according to clothing type. For instance, store all your sweaters in one drawer and all your cotton shirts in another drawer.


How should your organize your clothes in your closet?

Organize your closet according to a system that best suits your needs. Just make sure to be consistent.


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