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Almost everyone owns wrapping paper supplies, such as scissors, tape and a roll of wrapping paper. Many people, however, do not have a good system for organizing their wrapping supplies. Things can get especially unruly during the holiday season, when you're a gift wrapping machine. Take this quiz and learn how to organize your wrapping paper supplies.

What causes wrapping paper clutter?

Wrapping paper clutter is a problem especially during the holiday season. You may feel swamped with tape, tags, pens, bows, ribbons and rolls of wrapping paper in your once clean and organized dining room!


What is a benefit of organizing your wrapping paper supplies?

Decreasing clutter and increasing organization always instills a sense of relaxation. Keeping your wrapping paper organized can also save you some time.


How can organizing your wrapping paper supplies save you money?

If your organized with your wrapping paper supplies, you won't buy duplicates of supplies, such as tap or tags. Moreover, if you know what you have, you're more likely to utilize it, ultimately resulting in less wrapping paper purchases.


How much more trash do people throw away between Thanksgiving and New Years?

The holiday season unfortunately produces a large amount of waste. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans produce 25 percent more trash. That's a total of 25 million extra tons of garbage!


What are good reusable materials for wrapping gifts?

To decrease your waste during the holiday season, consider using canvas tote bags or newspaper for wrapping your gifts.


What is an environmentally friendly way to decorate a gift?

Consider using fresh herbs or flowers, instead of bows or ribbons, to decorate a gift. Do your part for the environment this holiday season.


What is the first thing you should do when organizing your wrapping supplies?

Gather all of your wrapping supplies that are found throughout your house. You may find wrapping supplies in your office, in storage, in the kitchen or even under your couch!


What should you do once you've gathered all of your wrapping supplies?

Next, sift through your wrapping supplies and decide what is useless, broken or simply unwanted. Scale down as much as you can.


What tool should you buy for exclusive wrapping paper use?

Consider purchasing a separate set of scissors and a separate roll of tape exclusively for your wrapping supplies. Have a separate roll of tape and scissors for other household tasks.


What should you do once you've thrown away unwanted wrapping paper items?

Next, get a good idea of what you have by creating an inventory of your wrapping supplies.


What should you do while creating an inventory of your wrapping supplies?

While you sort through your stuff, making an inventory of your supplies, also concurrently make a list of what you need to buy.


What are basic wrapping paper supplies?

You need a lot of supplies when organizing your wrapping paper possessions. The basic supplies include: wrapping paper, scissors, tape, bows, ribbons, pens, tags; and even gift bags and tissue paper.


Use scraps of wrapping paper for:

Don't throw out those scraps! You can use wrapping paper scraps to wrap a small present, like an earring box, or you can use wrapping paper scraps to make a name tag.


How should you store wrapping paper scraps?

Store your wrapping paper scraps in an accordion file or paper folder to prevent them from getting damaged or lost.


What type of wrapping paper can be used for different occasions?

Consider purchasing generic, solid colored wrapping paper. This type of wrapping paper can be used for several different occasions, and not just during the holiday season.


How should you sort your wrapping paper?

Sort your wrapping paper according to what works best for you. Some people sort their paper according to theme, such as holidays, birthdays and miscellaneous categories. Other people sort according to use, such as ribbons, bows and wrapping paper categories.


What can you do with wrinkled or ripped wrapping paper?

Don't throw away ripped or wrinkled wrapping paper. Use it instead for packing filler or for wrapping delicate, breakable items.


How should you organize your wrapping paper supplies?

Store your wrapping paper supplies in a system that best suits your needs. Special wrapping paper organizers are typically more pricey, but may serve your organizational needs better than generic plastic containers.


What is a great way to store your wrapping paper supplies if you wrap items frequently throughout the year?

Consider purchasing a closet gift wrap organizer if you wrap items frequently throughout the year. This way, your wrapping supplies are neatly stored and easily accessible in your closet.


What storage item is great for storing wrapping paper?

A garment bag is great for storing wrapping paper. Paper rolls fit nicely into a garment bag, which is then hung in your closet for easy access and storage.


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