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The "Outlander" series takes fans across centuries and around the globe, from the Scottish Highlands to the New World. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the history, romance and battles of "Outlander."

What year was the first book in the "Outlander" series published?

Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander," known as "Cross Stitch" in the U.K., came out in 1991.


Who is Claire married to at the start of the "Outlander" novel?

When "Outlander" opens, Claire and her husband Frank Randall are on a second honeymoon in Scotland.


What clan is Jamie a part of?

Jamie is part of Clan MacKenzie, a clan from the Scottish Highlands with Castle Leod as its seat.


Whom does Claire marry on the advice of Dougal after traveling back to the 1700s?

To become a Scottish citizen and avoid questioning by Jack Randall, Claire marries Jamie Fraser.


What is Claire's special skill when she gets to the castle?

Claire's experience as a nurse makes her the perfect candidate for castle healer — and also draws accusations of witchcraft.


How does Claire know that Geillis Duncan is a time traveler like herself?

After spotting a scar from a smallpox vaccine on Geillis' arm, Claire knows that Geillis has traveled from the future.


Where do Claire and Jamie flee to at the end of the novel?

The couple head to the St. Anne de Beaupre monastery in France for safety.


What year is it when "Dragonfly in Amber" opens?

At the start of the second novel in the series, Claire has returned back to the modern era to 1968 — roughly 20 years after the time depicted in "Outlander."


What is the name of Claire's daughter?

In "Dragonfly in Amber," Claire is back with Frank and has a daughter named Brianna.


Who is Brianna's father?

After Frank dies, Claire reveals to Brianna that Jamie Fraser is her biological father.


What is the name of Jamie's adopted son in "Dragonfly in Amber"?

After a young boy named Claudel saves his life, Jamie adopts the boy and renames him Fergus.


What is the name of Jamie's ancestral estate?

Jamie hails from Lallybroch, an estate that supports the village of Broch Mordha and dozens of surrounding farmers.


True or false: Jamie dies at the Battle of Culloden.

At the end of the second book in the series, Roger tells Claire that Jamie did not die at Culloden as she feared.


What is the name of the third book in the "Outlander" series?

"Voyager," which was published in 1994, opens with Claire learning that Jamie has married Laoghaire.


Where do Claire and Jamie travel in "Voyager"?

The pair head to Jamaica to find Ian, who is being held captive by Geillis Duncan.


Where do Claire and Jamie settle at the start of "Drums of Autumn"?

In the fourth book in the series, the couple has shipwrecked on the Georgia coast and eventually settles in North Carolina.


What war is brewing in "The Fiery Cross"?

The 2001 novel is set during the War of the Regulation, a precursor to the American Revolution.


Whom does Brianna marry in "The Fiery Cross"?

Brianna marries Roger MacKenzie, whom Jamie once sold to Native Americans.


Where do Claire and Jamie move to in "A Breath of Snow and Ashes"?

As society crumbles, the couple moves to New Bern, the seat of local government and the last stable place in the area.


Who is the real father of William, Lord John Grey's stepson?

In "An Echo in the Bone," readers learn that William's true father is Jamie Fraser.


Whom does Claire marry in "Written in My Own Heart's Blood"?

Claire marries Lord John Grey in the 2014 novel.


What is the name of the 2010 graphic novel in the "Outlander" series?

"The Exile" retells the first third of the first "Outlander" novel, complete with illustrations.


Whose point of view is "The Exile" written from?

"The Exile" is written from the point of view of Jamie's godfather, Murtagh Fitzgibbons.


Which character stars in a 1998 spinoff novella?

Lord John Grey got his own series, starting with "Lord John and the Hellfire Club" in 1998.


What force does John Grey battle in a 2011 novel?

Grey battles supernatural forces in Jamaica in the 2011 novel "Lord John and the Plague of Zombies."


True or false: There is an "Outlander: The Musical" CD.

Diana Gabaldon gave her blessing for a musical based on the series in 2010. It resulted in a CD featuring the song "Say the Words."


What year did the series finally get turned into a TV show?

"Outlander" premiered on Starz in 2014 and picked up an Emmy nomination for musical composition the next year.


Who plays Claire in the "Outlander" TV show?

Irish actress Caitriona Balfe takes on the role of the time-traveling Claire on the show.


Where does actor Sam Heughan hail from?

True to the roots of the series, Sam Heughan — who plays Jamie on the show — is a native of Scotland.


What character is largely missing from the John Grey series?

Claire is mostly absent from the books in the Lord John Grey series, mainly because she is not present when the events in the books take place.


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