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Think of cool, refreshing blue waters, the brilliant greens and pinks of coral reefs, and myriad exotic fish. No wonder scuba diving is such a popular sport! If you want to learn how to become certified as a diver, your first port of call is PADI. Take our quiz to learn about the world's preeminent diving organization.

What does PADI stand for?

PADI stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, but is more commonly known by it's acronym.


In what year was PADI founded?

PADI was founded in 1966 by two frustrated Illinois diving instructors.


Why was PADI founded?

The two founders felt frustrated that the certification process to become a diver or diving instructor was unprofessional to the point of being unsafe.


What was PADI's initial aim?

PADI's initial aim was to develop professional, thorough and thought-out scuba diving education. It has become the foremost diver training organization in the world.


Approximately how many people in the world today carry certification from PADI?

There are about one million PADI-certified divers and diving instructors, ranging from beginners to masters.


How many PADI diving centers and resorts are there worldwide?

There are about 5,700 PADI diving centers in some 180 countries.


What does an Open Water Diver certification mean?

An Open Water Diver is someone who has an entry-level certification from PADI, allowing you to go underwater and explore to a depth of 18 meters.


How many specialty dive courses does PADI offer?

PADI offers more than two dozen sophisticated diving courses that go beyond the diving basics.


What are some of the specialized courses you can take with PADI?

Some of the courses you can take with PADI are night diving, rescue diving, deep water diving, wreck diving and adventure diving.


What is the highest diving level called?

Short of diving instructor certification, the highest diving certification PADI offers is the Master Scuba Diver rank.


How much does it cost to join the PADI Diving Society?

There is an annual membership fee of $29.


What is the main benefit of joining PADI's Diving Society?

The main benefit of joining PADI's Diving Society is that you get to network with experienced divers who can give you tips on the hottest places to dive.


Which of these is an additional benefit of joining PADI's diving society?

PADI offers a number of side benefits when you join its diving society, including an up-to-date edition of "World's Best Diving and Resorts" book, 10 issues of Sport Diver Magazine and access to member-only diving vacations and events.


When was Project AWARE founded?

Project AWARE was founded in the late 1980s by PADI members. It subsequently branched out on its own.


What are the goals of Project AWARE?

Project AWARE's main goal is the preservation of aquatic wildlife. To join, you don't need to be a Diving Society member.


What is a lifestyle diver?

Lifestyle divers are divers who give courses on how to dive underwater safely.


How does PADI describe its mission?

PADI's self declared mission, is in their own words "to develop programs that encourage and fulfill the public interest in recreational scuba diving and snorkeling worldwide."


What criteria are recommended before taking the diving instructor's course?

If you have a love of diving and the beach lifestyle, and want to teach others safe diving, the instructor's course is for you.


To what organization do you get a discounted membership if you are a PADI member?

As part of PADI's package deal, members also get discounted membership to the Divers Alert Network.


Besides diving instruction, what else do PADI courses provide?

In addition to diving instruction, PADI courses also teach a unit on environmental conservation.


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