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Okay, you've landed a good catch and want to eat, but first you have to clean the panfish before you can cook it. Take this quiz to learn about how to clean and prepare your panfish.

What do perch, bluegills and sunfish have in common?

They are among the more common and popular panfish.


Which is the recommended way to prepare panfish?

It is purely a matter of personal preference.


What do you need to be careful of after catching fish?

They are delicate and need to be handled with care to avoid spoiling them.


What can rough handling lead to?

It can cause excessively soft flesh, strong flavor and unpleasant fishy smell.


What is the purpose of the fish scales?

They protect the skin of the fish.


What makes scales easier to remove?

Wash the fish in cool water since wet scales are easier to remove.


How can you avoid injury by the fish?

Cut off the fins so they don't cut you.


How do you remove the scales?

Work at an angle from the tail towards the head.


What is the best tool to use for scraping?

A blunt knife or spoon is the best readily available tool.


Is there an alternative to scraping the scales with a knife or spoon?

There are various gadgets available, from rasps to electric scalers.


What can you do if the fish is too slippery?

Hold the fish firmly at the head or tail with a cloth.


How long does it take for most freshwater fish to die out of the water?

Most die about 10 minutes after they leave the water.


Is it important to clean the fish as soon as possible?

Cleaning the fish as soon as possible improves the flavor.


How do you cut the fish open to gut it?

Begin the cut near the rear moving along the belly to the head.


How deep should the cut be?

It should be deep enough to open the fish without cutting the intestines.


After removing the entrails, what else should you remove?

Remove the anus and kidney if it is still attached to the spine.


How can you best protect yourself when using a sharp fillet knife on a slimy fish?

Metal-mesh fish-cleaning gloves will protect your hands.


What is the best knife to fillet a fish?

A sharp flexible knife with a straight edge is best, since a serrated knife will tear the flesh.


How do you debone the fish?

Insert knife at gills, cut down to backbone and then cut flat along backbone to tail.


How well do frozen fillets keep?

Fillets frozen with water around them to prevent freezer burn will last up to six months.


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