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Have you ever needed a document for an important meeting and been unable to find it until it was too late? Maybe it's time to take control of your papers and consider a data and document management system for your home office.

Which of the following can potentially replace the piles of papers you currently stockpile in your home office?

To get your paper under control, you will need to invest in at least some of the following systems: data management, document management and paperless software.


Which of the following must be kept in paper form for your records?

As of now, there are still some papers that you can't do without. Deeds, notarized documents or receipts need to be saved for legal, financial or tax reasons.


What is an important benefit of replacing paper with paperless software?

Reducing your reliance on paper files is more efficient, more economical, offers you easier access to your files and keeps your files more secure. Above all, it is a more environmentally friendly way to conduct your business.


How many pounds (kilograms) of paper material does an average American business generate per person per day?

By going paperless, you can help reduce the amount of paper Americans use each year. The American Forest and Paper Association estimates that the average business generates 1.7 pounds (0.767 kilograms) of paper material per person per day.


What's the best way to go paperless?

If you try to go paperless all at once, you may get overwhelmed and give up. Understand that it's an ongoing process.


What's the first paper material you should throw out from your home office?

Your old magazines, outdated marketing materials, notes for completed projects and old work samples can go first in the paper recycling bin.


Which everyday financial transactions are easy to handle electronically?

Your utility and credit bills and your bank and investment statements are easy to handle electronically. You can use your computer to get statements and pay bills.


What's the paperless way to keep track of appointments?

Use your personal digital assistant (PDA) or laptop to keep track of meetings and appointments. Toss out that old-fashioned diary.


_____ is a must-have for storing and finding files in a paperless office.

To store and find files in a paperless office, you'll need an electronic file system, a back-up process and the software and hardware to run the system.


A scanner allows you to create _____ from paper documents.

With a scanner, you can create digital images from paper documents, store them on your computer or share them with others. It's a great way to cut down on paper.


A smart phone combines personal digital assistant (PDA) functions with that of a:

A smart phone, like a PDA, let's you take and store notes as well as read and send e-mails. No more post-it-notes.


A _____ filters information that comes through an Internet connection into your network.

To protect your files, you will need a firewall, a program or hardware device that filters the information coming through the Internet connection into your private network, as well as virus protection software like Norton Antivirus


_____ faxing eliminates the need for a fax machine.

Sign up for an Internet faxing service and say good-bye to your old fax. You can send and receive faxes directly from your computer via e-mail or the Web and cut down on paper use.


Which Microsoft Word option can you use to save electronic documents that you receive by e-mail?

Use the "print to file" option in Microsoft Word to save electronic documents like e-mails or online statements. Make sure they are saved to their correct electronic files.


How often should you back up your electronic files?

Back up your files weekly to a CD or USB flash drive. Transfer files that you no longer need to storage disks.


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