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We humans know we struggle to comprehend a lot of things that happen in our world. How much do you know about parapsychology and its explanations for strange events?

Parapsychology is the study of interactions between living things and their…what?

More specifically, it studies interactions that seem to bend or break the established laws of nature.


ESP is an acronym for what?

ESP is often called a person's "sixth sense," a way that humans gather information using means other than sensory organs.


The majority of academic researchers look at parapsychology as what?

Scientists have found no real basis for parapsychology.


What is NOT a topic of parapsychological study?

It also doesn't tackle topics like Satanism, witchcraft, astrology or similar subjects.


What does precognition allow one to do?

The entire movie "Minority Report" was based on this concept.


What happens in a "channeling" session?

These sessions were very common in the late 1800s.


What does PK stand for?

PK is a term for when a human can interact with objects from a distance.


Professor James Alcock has said that the concepts of parapsychology are no different than…what?

Alcock is a well-known skeptic of paranormal phenomena.


If there is a delay between the transmission and reception of thoughts between sender and receiver, you are experiencing what?

Latent telepathy is just one subtype of the large concept of telepathy.


What does "remote viewing" allow someone to do?

Remote viewing is also called clairvoyance.


What is a séance?

During the Spiritualism movement, seances became incredibly popular as a way to contact spirits.


What happens in telepathy?

This kind of thing would be really handy during a difficult test in school.


If you witness objects being moved around in a violent fashion, you may be in the presence of what?

Poltergeists are violent or disturbed spirits that often strike the same family repeatedly.


If you experience an apparition but no corresponding physical manifestations, you are probably experiencing what?

Even parapsychologists feel that these cases are probably just a quirk of a person's body or mind.


What subject do survival studies investigate?

This is, of course, one of the oldest questions dogging humanity.


At which American university did some of the first widely-publicized parapsychology experiments take place?

A professor began tests into ESP but ultimately nothing was proven.


What does the world "poltergeist" mean?

These spirits are said to harass and terrify their victims.


Parapsychological phenomenon is often abbreviated as which term?

But the most commonly used term is probably just "parapsychology."


The ESP studies performed at Duke University caught participants in fraudulent behavior.

The researchers didn’t publicize the names of those people who were caught.


What does anomalistics psychology do?

Some people undoubtedly experience strange things caused by their own bodies and minds.


What year was the Society for Psychical Research founded in London?

This non-profit organization is still operating today, exploring the unexplained.


In the 1930s, in an attempt to confirm cases of telepathy, how many tests did K.M. Goldney and Samuel Soal perform?

Even after all of those trials, they were never able to confirm that telepathy was a real thing.


Why do some parapsychologists stress the concept of "paradigm" regarding their subject matter?

Your life experiences and temperament may blind you to the paranormal experiences happening around you.


How does "selective reporting" affect studies about paranormal phenomena?

If you toss out results that don't fit your worldview, your study results are moot.


What did the Creery sisters claim to be able to do?

The five sisters eventually confessed to fraud.


When did the Modern Spiritualism movement begin?

The Fox sisters from New York created "unexplained" knocking sounds that were supposedly messages from an unseen spirit.


In what year did the Fox sisters finally admit that they'd faked the knocking sounds that jump-started the Spiritualism movement?

But by the time they admitted it, Spiritualism had taken a firm hold across the land.


Daniel Dunglas Home was a Scottish medium who had a talent for performing which feat?

He was reportedly caught faking his levitations but he still became very famous for that era.


British physicist Oliver Lodge fell into spiritualism for what reason?

His son was killed during WWI.


There is scientific evidence that telepathy exists.

No experiments have convincingly proven that telepathy is real.


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