The Good, the Bad and the Spoiled: Do You Know the Best Parenting Techniques?

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Parenting is a neverending job that comes with its own unique demands. When times get tough, it's easy to fall into counterproductive habits. Take our quiz to see if you recognize any of these bad parenting behaviors.

What happens when parents don't follow through on disciplinary actions for their kids?

When parents don't follow through on discipline, their children might consider them as unreliable since they're not doing what they say they will -- and it can lead to kids thinking their behavior is ok if they're not punished for misbehaving.


What do psychologists say about the practice of constantly yelling at a child?

Constant yelling is a form of emotional abuse that can harm a child's mental health.


In the parenting context, what are limits?

Limits are parental expectations and behavior guidelines that promote children's safety and healthy growth.


What happens when parents don't establish limits?

Children who live without limits feel insecure. The may deliberately misbehave in an effort to find limits or someone who cares enough to set and enforce limits.


Limits for children's behavior should be ___.

Behavioral limits should cover a few important issues and be communicated to the child in a clear and simple manner.


What should guide parents as they determine limits for their children?

As children grow, limits should stretch to accommodate their growing abilities and sense of responsibility.


What happens when parents use bribery to get children to behave?

Bribes may work at first, but eventually children demand bigger and bigger rewards for doing what they should be doing anyway.


Should parents negotiate with children on every issue?

Including kids' input is ok for some issues, but for unreasonable demands and safety issues, a firm "no" is the appropriate response.


When it comes to chores, parents should ___.

Simple chores help preschool children learn to work as part of the family group.


What is the likely outcome if parents negatively compare their child to another child?

Negative comparisons and public criticism are forms of verbal abuse that can lead to depression, low self-esteem and feelings of betrayal.


How can parents avoid making negative comparisons between children?

Parents should identify and appreciate the unique strengths and abilities of each child.


What is the best practice if a parent must vent about his or her child's behavior?

Discuss the issue with a trusted confidant when your child isn't around to possibly overhear the conversation. Kids aren't fooled by code words.


Why do some parents buy their kids everything they want?

Parents overindulge children because they believe material things will make their child happy and perhaps they're trying to assuage guilt over a sensitive issue.


How should parents help when a child has a project to do?

Parents need to recognize that it's the kid's turn to learn by doing the work solo. Offer support and encouragement, but otherwise stay out of the way.


What happens when parents sign kids up for too many activities?

Overscheduled kids experience stress that can have both physical and emotional effects. They may have stomachaches and headaches and lose interest in school and favorite activities.


When a child has a problem, what should parents do to help resolve it?

Listening and coaching a child through problem-solving strategies helps kids learn to make good decisions.


What happens when parents who try to be their child's best friend?

Parents can't be a friend and tell kids what they can and can't do at the same time. When parents try to be a pal, they lose their authority.


What do standing over a child, yelling and finger-pointing accomplish?

These actions are intimidating and demeaning to both children and adults, and they close down communication.


Why do parents fail to follow through on disciplinary actions?

Because parents don't really want to punish their kids, they keep extending warnings instead of taking disciplinary action.


What should parents do when a growing child demands more freedom and fewer limits?

Parents should listen to their child's reasons for wanting more freedom and discuss options for establishing expanded boundaries.


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