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This company has published all manner of famous games, including Monopoly, Risk and Sorry. How much do you know about Parker Brothers games?

In which country did Risk first appear?

It was called The Conquest of the World and echoed Napoleon's feats.


How many pieces must you send to the home location on the board in order to win Aggravation?

It is one of many different versions of Pachisi.


In what year did Parker Brothers get into the Ouija board market?

The spiritualism craze was long dead by then but the boards continue to capture public imagination.


From how many different games could you select on Merlin, an electronic handheld game?

It let you play Tic Tac Toe, Echo and other simple games.


When was Merlin first sold?

It was created by a NASA employee and became one of the best-selling games in the 1980s.


How many pawns does each player start with in Sorry?

You must move all four to your safe location in order to win.


Which board game is based on an ancient cross and circle game?

This game of chance worked for two to four players


What was a reason that Parker Brothers first introduced Rook cards in 1906?

Some conservative cultures disliked regular playing cards, but the company's versions were acceptable to them.


The Landlord's Game eventually became which game?

The very first version appeared at the turn of the 20th century.


Camelot resembles which game?

The inventor wanted a simpler version of chess.


In how many countries is Scrabble sold?

It's also sold in 29 languages and remains one of the most popular games in the world.


"It's Never the Same Game Twice!" was the slogan for which game?

To win, you had to be the first to score 12 points.


Monopoly was supposed to teach a lesson about what?

In the end, players are supposed to learn that monopolies are bad for humankind. But not everyone gets that.


What do players have to do during a game of Pictionary?

Teams with the most talented illustrators typically win this game.


On average, how long does it take to play a regular game of Monopoly to completion?

Even a short game can take an hour, during which everyone slowly begins to disown one another.


In which game does a character named "Mr. Boddy" appear?

The goal of the game is to figure out who killed him.


What was the original name of Camelot?

It also went by the name Inside Moves for a time.


In what year was Scrabble first published?

"Scrabble" is a real-life word that means "to scratch frantically."


What's the goal of the Mystery Mansion board game?

Players search high and low for clues to the treasure's location.


A special edition of Monopoly was created to provide support for which group?

The "game" actually contained real money and tools to help POWs escape and survive prison camps.


How long does an average LONG game of Risk take to complete?

And you thought Monopoly was time-consuming.


What happens if someone successfully challenges a word that you play in Scrabble?"

You might also throw your wooden letters at your opponent, however, this is considered poor form.


In which country was Clue developed?

It was originally called "Cluedo."


Older versions of Monopoly have how much total fake cash?

And if you were lucky (and smart) you'd wind up with all of it at the end of the game.


How many continents are there in the war game Risk?

There are 42 territories, and your goal is to occupy all of them.


What is NOT a category in Pictionary?

Animal is combined with Person and Place.


What happens if a players lands on an opponent's marble during a game of Aggravation?

This is where the game gets its name.


Acronyms are allowed in Scrabble.

There are a few exceptions but mostly they are banned from the game.


What do players try to do in Mastermind?

It includes a decoding board to help the two players as they attempt to break a code.


What must a player do before opening a treasure chest in Mystery Mansion?

And if you open one of the fake chests, you have to go back inside and start over again.


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