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With the exception of Springfield, the fictional town of Pawnee in "Parks and Recreation" is probably the most well fleshed-out TV location ever. How much do you know about the people, places and fairly shameful history of Pawnee?

Where is Pawnee?

Starting off easy here. Pawnee is in south central or southwest Indiana, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) from Indianapolis.


The people of the Wamapoke tribe were the first inhabitants of the Pawnee area. What were they known for?

The Wamapoke made beautiful circular patterned baskets and scalpings.


Who was the founder of Pawnee?

In 1812 Reverend Luther Howell of Terre Haute stuck a flag in the ground in the area of Pawnee.


Pawnee Lutheran was the town's first church. What is it now?

A wholesale linen outlet is in the spot where Pawnee Lutheran once stood.


Which Pawnee institution burned twice during the "fire period" of 1916-22?

The Boone Bread Factory fire kicked off the fire period, and the Pawnee Bread Factory burned to the ground in 1922. Pawnee Downs race track burned three times.


Why was Chief Wamapoke put on trial in 1834?

Back in those days, you could be sentenced to death in Pawnee just for being a Native American.


The City Hall mural called "Sunday Boxing" depicted a woman being punched out by …

The mural, originally titled "A Lively Fisting," showed the Reverend Bradley KO-ing Anna Beth Stevenson, Pawnee's first female high school graduate.


The "Turnbill Mansion Wedding" mural sounds nice, but what does it actually depict?

Said wedding involved a white woman and a Wamapoke chief, and the reception turned into a massacre.


What's Pawnee's twin city?

Eagleton and Pawnee are next-door neighbors and archrivals.


Which animals cause the most problems in Pawnee?

Raccoons often run rampant in Pawnee. As Ron says, "They'll hunt the kids for sport."


What's one of the claims to fame (or shame) of the Pawnee Zoo?

In 1914 a Jewish man passed through town and was put into a cage.


What other scandalous event happened at the Pawnee Zoo?

Leslie inadvertently married two male penguins in a ceremonial stunt.


What's the name of Pawnee's gay bar?

The Bulge threw a party for Leslie after she married the penguins.


What's the name of the bar of which Donna and Tom are part owners?

Snakehole Lounge is "Pawnee's sickest nightclub."


What substance was accidentally invented in Pawnee?

In 1926 "lady anesthesiologist and recluse" Agnes Porter accidentally invented trans fats.


Who was the mayor of Pawnee from 1994 to 2017?

Walter Gunderson was the rarely seen mayor of Pawnee.


Who served 10 terms as mayor after Gunderson died?

Ben Wyatt appointed Gergich, former parks and recreation department whipping boy, as interim mayor — and he ended up serving until he was 100 years old.


Who played Walter Gunderson?

Bill Murray appeared as the corpse of Walter Gunderson in the penultimate episode of the series.


What's the name of Pawnee's strip club?

The whole office goes to the Glitter Factory in the first season to help Tom get over his divorce.


Why does Ron like the Glitter Factory?

Ron cannot say "no" to breakfast food, and the Glitter Factory has plenty of it.


What happens on Ted Party Day in Pawnee?

It's supposed to be Tea Party Day, but because the author of the Pawnee charter was functionally illiterate, it's known as Ted Party Day. Someone named Ted has to be thrown into the lake.


Where does Leslie get her waffles?

Leslie is the favorite customer at JJ's Diner.


Where does Ron do his grocery shopping?

According to Ron, Food and Stuff is a "discount food outlet equidistant from my home and my work."


What's the No. 1 cause of death for Pawnee law enforcement officials?

Accidentally self-inflicted drunken gunshot wounds, that is.


What's the best-selling item at Paunch Burger?

The Greasy Lard Bomb has been helping keep Pawneeans obese for years.


Finish this slogan: If you can't beat 'em, _________!

That's the motto of Sweetums, Pawnee's leading candy manufacturer.


Which of the following is NOT a Sweetums product?

Sweetums manufactures many healthy products, but Artery Hard'nerz are not one.


Which of the following is NOT a TV show starring Perd Hapley?

Local celebrity Perd Hapley does not appear in "Perd's the Word."


What local personality's home is filled with erotic paintings … of herself?

Joan Callamezzo, host of "Pawnee Today" claims that she's "a woman with a strong sexual appetite."


What is one occupation that Pawneeans have absolutely no respect for?

Pawneeans cannot stand librarians.


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