Quiz: The Ultimate Parrot Quiz
The Ultimate Parrot Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Parrots have always been a special type of bird, whether on the shoulder of a pirate or revealing some kind of embarrassing information in a sitcom. Learn more about this fascinating bird by taking this quiz.

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How many species of parrots are there?
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How many native parrots were there in the United States?
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How many toes does the parrot have?
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How long is the longest parrot?
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How do parrots communicate?
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What is the usual diet of parrots?
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What is the partnership policy of the larger parrots?
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Which of the Old World species is considered the best mimic?
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For how long can the larger species of parrots live in captivity?
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What is the most popular type of parrot pet?
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What parrot is known as an opera singer?
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