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Parrots have always been a special type of bird, whether on the shoulder of a pirate or revealing some kind of embarrassing information in a sitcom. Learn more about this fascinating bird by taking this quiz.

How many species of parrots are there?

There are around 350 species of parrots.


What is the natural habitat of parrots?

Tropical and subtropical regions are where you find parrots.


How many native parrots were there in the United States?

Only one -- the Carolina parakeet -- which became extinct in the early 1900s.


How many toes does the parrot have?

It has four toes: two facing forward and two backward.


What makes the parrot unique among birds?

The parrot uses one foot to grasp food while balancing on the other.


How long is the longest parrot?

The hyacinth macaw can reach about 40 inches (1 m).


How do parrots communicate?

Parrots communicate by squawking, twittering or shrieking.


What is the usual diet of parrots?

They mostly eat plants, fruit and seeds.


Do parrots build nests?

They usually nest in holes in trees or in rock crevices.


What is the partnership policy of the larger parrots?

Parrots tend to be monogamous and the largest species mates for life.


What makes the owl parrot of New Zealand so unusual?

It is mostly flightless -- it climbs trees then glides down to the ground.


Why do people keep parrots as pets?

They are usually kept by people who admire their beauty, intelligence and ability to mimic the human voice.


Which of the Old World species is considered the best mimic?

The African grey parrot is considered the best mimic.


How varied does a pet parrot's diet need to be?

It should include fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, seeds and well-cooked lean meat.


How much attention does parrot need?

Parrots, like other intelligent pets, need playful interaction with their owners


Do parrots display neurotic behavior?

Neglected, abused or bored parrots can display neurotic behavior, such as excessive screaming or feather pulling.


For how long can the larger species of parrots live in captivity?

Macaws, cockatoos, Amazons and African grays can live 60 or more years.


Why are parrots the world's most threatened group of birds?

Because of loss of natural habitat and collection as pets, about 40 species have been declared endangered.


What is the most popular type of parrot pet?

Budgerigars (budgies), originally from Australia, belong to the parakeet family, are popular because they are beautiful, gentle and easy to take care of.


What parrot is known as an opera singer?

The yellow-headed Amazons are famous for their singing and many have been known to learn arias from operas.


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