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"Wayne's World" started as a simple "SNL" skit back in the '80s, then made the jump to the big screen in 1992, becoming one of the most-quoted movies of the '90s. Think you're truly excellent at "Wayne's World" trivia? Take our quiz to find out if you're worthy!

Which actor played Wayne in the film?

Comedian Mike Myers, of "Austin Powers" fame, starred as slacker TV host Wayne Campbell, with "SNL" legend Dana Carvey in the role of his more reserved buddy, Garth Algar.


Which state serves as the setting for the show?

Wayne and Garth host their public access show, "Wayne's World," out of the basement in Wayne's parents' house in Aurora, Illinois.


What is the name of the TV producer who buys the rights to the show?

Sleazy TV producer Benjamin Oliver learns about "Wayne's World" from his girlfriend. After seeing how popular the program is, he decides to buy the rights to the show and see if he can market it to big-money sponsors.


Where do the guys go to listen to heavy metal music?

Wayne and Garth head to The Gasworks with their buddies to rock on to heavy metal music.


Who is Wayne's crazy ex-girlfriend?

Laura Flynn Boyle plays Wayne's ex, Stacy, who can't seem to get over him and warns him that he is going to lose her. She buys him a gun rack as a gift, even though they broke up two months ago.


What is the name of Cassandra's band?

Cassandra plays bass and sings lead vocals in a band called Crucial Taunt. Wayne falls hard for Cassandra -- played by Tia Carrere -- and impresses her with his ability to speak Chinese.


How much does Benjamin give to Wayne and Garth for the rights to their show?

Big-spender Benjamin shells out $5,000 each to Wayne and Garth to purchase "Wayne's World." The pair are thrilled to have such a large sum, and run through the streets screaming, "We got $5,000!"


What does Wayne spend his cash on?

Wayne splurges on a Fender Stratocaster that he has been eyeing for a long time -- pulling out a wad of bills and asking the salespeople, "Do you take... cash???"


What business is Noah Vanderhoff in?

Vanderhoff owns a chain of arcades. Benjamin promises him that he can appear on "Wayne's World" after he agrees to sponsor the show.


What is Wayne and Garth's favorite restaurant?

The guys like to hang out at Stan Mikita's Donuts, which is run by sad-sack manager Glen, played by Ed O'Neill.


What song plays when Wayne thinks of Cassandra?

Every thought of Cassandra is accompanied by a chorus of "Dream Weaver" in Wayne's head. When Garth thinks of his dream girl, Donna Dixon, he gets down to "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix.


Which song plays over the opening credits?

The movie opens to the tune of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," which Wayne, Garth and friends sing in the car as their friend Phil tries not to throw up.


What does Benjamin give to Wayne and Garth to keep them out of the way while he woos Cassandra?

Benjamin gives the guys concert tickets and backstage passes to keep them out of the way while he shoots a music video with Cassandra and her band in Chicago.


Which musician makes Garth and Wayne feel unworthy?

Wayne and Garth get backstage passes at a concert and get to meet Alice Cooper in person. He wants to discuss politics and the history of Milwaukee, but all Wayne and Garth can do is drop to their knees and chant, "We're not worthy."


What role does Chris Farley play in the film?

In one of his first film roles, legendary comedian Chris Farley cameos as a security guard -- one who is surprisingly knowledgeable about music producer Frankie Sharpe.


What gets Wayne fired from the show?

Benjamin fires Wayne after he makes fun of Mr. Vanderhoff using some crude homemade cue cards.


What theme does Benjamin use for Cassandra's big music video?

Benjamin plans to have Cassandra and her band shoot a jungle-themed video. Things go badly when Cassandra is forced to wear a heavy snake draped around her body.


What is the name of Benjamin's assistant?

Wayne and Garth get Benjamin's assistant Russell on their side as they work to get Cassandra a record deal with Frankie Sharpe -- by broadcasting a show from Wayne's parent's basement without Benjamin's permission.


What is Officer Koharski's favorite part of being a cop?

Garth's friend Officer Koharski is a huge fan of performing body cavity searches. As a favor to Wayne and Garth, he even performs a search on Benjamin to keep him from interrupting Cassandra's performance on "Wayne's World."


True or false: The movie actually has three different endings.

The film has three different endings. There is the original sad ending, a Scooby Doo ending and a Mega Happy version where everything turns out for the best.


What does Stacy announce in the original, sad ending?

In the first "Wayne's World" ending, not only is Stacy pregnant, but Cassandra heads off for a tropical vacation with Benjamin.


True or false: Garth ends up with Cassandra in the Mega Happy ending.

Garth ends up with dream girl Donna Dixon in the Mega Happy ending, while Wayne and Cassandra remain a couple. Oh, and Cassandra gets a six-album record deal from Mr. Sharpe.


True or false: "Wayne's World" was the first "SNL"-inspired major movie.

"Wayne's World" is one of the most successful "SNL" franchises, but it wasn't the first. It came about twelve years after "The Blues Brothers" hit the box office.


True or false: Dana Carvey actually played the drums in the movie.

Carvey actually played the drum solo in Garth's big music scene. He based the character of Garth on his genius brother, Brad, who also happened to be a drummer.


True or false: "Wayne's World 2" made more money than the original film.

Both of the "Wayne's World" films were big hits, but "Wayne's World 2" made less than $50 million at the box office, while the original made more than three times that amount.


What event are Wayne and Garth trying to plan in "Wayne's World 2?"

After Wayne has a dream starring Jim Morrison of The Doors, he decides he has to host a major music festival. With Garth's help, the two join forces to plan Waynestock out in the desert.


Who does Cassandra plan to marry in "Wayne's World 2"?

Cassandra splits with Wayne and plans to marry producer Bobby, played by Christopher Walken. It's up to Wayne to stop the ceremony and win back his lady.


Who is Garth dating throughout much of "Wayne's World 2?"

Garth is dating Honey Hornee, who is only pretending to like Garth so that he will murder her ex-husband for her.


True or false: "Wayne's World 2" also has three endings.

Like the original, "Wayne's World 2" has three different endings. In the first, no bands show up and Wayne and Garth get lost in the desert. In the second ending, the pair drive a car off a cliff like "Thelma and Louise." In the third, they are actually able to pull off the music festival and have a blast.


What band shows up to save the show in the happy ending of "Wayne's World 2"?

For those who like happy endings, one conclusion to "Wayne's World 2" features Aerosmith -- as well as Cassandra's band Crucial Taunt -- showing up to play to thrilled ticketholders at Waynestock.


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