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You've finished building your dream home and are ready to start on your outdoor design. Should you choose flagstone or slate, a waterfall or a fountain? With so many choices, you probably should do a bit of homework. Why not start with our patio ideas quiz to get some great suggestions?

Which of the following factors are important to consider when designing a patio?

To plan a successful patio, be sure to include solutions for shielding your patio from sun, wind, noise and nosy neighbors.


Concrete is a very versatile building material. Which new concrete flooring technique can be used to create a stone-like patio floor?

For an affordable, natural and versatile patio floor, choose imprinted or embossed concrete. It comes in many colors and can be made to resemble a variety of traditional finishes such as slate and flagstone.


Which type of floor surface is best for pool surrounds?

Textured surfaces which are slip-resistant are the best choice for pool surrounds and walkways.


Which type of flooring for your patio has properties similar to brick and tile?

Made from precast concrete, concrete pavers come in a large variety of colors and styles and can be adapted to almost any décor. Like bricks, they are laid on a sand base in various patterns.


A major focal point of a backyard design might be:

A pool gives focus to the patio and surrounding areas and adds value to your home.


A pool should be located where it can get lots of:

Situate your pool where it will receive a good amount of sun for most of the day, some shade and shelter from the wind.


An outdoor spa should be located:

Whether you have a full-sized pool or not, an outdoor spa can bring pleasure to your outdoor living experience. Make sure it is conveniently located near the house and shield it from the prying eyes of the neighbors with a hedge or fence.


Which of the following water elements can be added to your outdoor patio design?

A pond or waterfall adds a soothing focal point to your patio or garden. Incorporating aquatic plants into its design adds to its serene beauty.


What is the difference between a backyard fountain and a waterfall?

Backyard waterfalls tend to flow gently over rocks and other elements whereas water in a fountain either arcs out, sprays up or spills over, creating splashing noises.


Paving material for garden stairs should be:

Choose the same material for your garden stairs as you did for the patio, but mix it up with a different texture or pattern or choose a contrasting material in the same color as your patio.


Which type of brick is best for paving a patio?

Paving bricks are formed by a special process that makes them very durable for driveways and patios, but you can use common bricks for outdoor projects, as well.


Bricks as a paving material are:

Brick patios are easy to install and can be laid directly on a bed of sand in most instances. In some cases, the bricks are laid on a concrete slab with mortared joints.


What is a big advantage of interlocking concrete pavers?

Made from a dense form of concrete, most pavers are very strong and can handle walkways and driveways with ease. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.


Terra cotta means baked earth in:

Choose rustic terra cotta tiles for your patio design for a warm, earthy effect. They come in both glazed and unglazed versions.


Which type of terra cotta tile best resists water absorption?

For their water resistant qualities, choose glazed terra cotta pavers. Unglazed pavers can be sealed to reduce their water absorption to some degree.


Flagstone tiles are known for their neutral palette. They usually come in which colors?

Flagstone pavers have long been an outdoor favorite. With their neutral tones of brown and gray, they are particularly suited to traditional homes and gardens.


Every flagstone tile is_____ than the next one.

One appeal of flagstone is that each tile has a unique character creating an interesting finish for your flagstone walk or patio.


Ceramic tiles for outdoor areas should have a_____surface.

Ceramic tiles are problematic for outdoor areas because they can be slippery when wet. If you do choose ceramic tiles, choose ones with a matte or textured surface.


Which of the following could be used as accent seating for your garden?

Benches made of wood or stone are particularly suited to accent your favorite garden corner with charm and style.


Which of the following are possible colors for bricks?

Depending on the type of clay used and the amount of iron in the clay, bricks can range in color from red and yellow all the way to black.


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