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Patios are a fantastic way to extend your living space. Knowing about patio materials will help you get the patio of your dreams. Take this quiz to see how concrete your knowledge is about the materials used in patios.

How do patios differ from decks?

Patios are usually level to the ground, whereas decks are raised above the ground.


What is a disadvantage of using natural stone for patios?

Stone may have an uneven texture and some types may be difficult to walk on.


What is a type of natural stone?

Slate is a natural stone.


How does the cost of stone compare to other patio options?

Stone is more expensive than concrete pavers or poured concrete.


How does the durability of stone compare to other patio options?

Natural stone may be more durable than other options.


What do concrete pavers look like?

Concrete pavers may mimic other materials such as brick or natural stone.


What is a disadvantage of concrete pavers that look like stone?

The color of concrete pavers may fade over time, but real stone will keep its color.


What will happen if the concrete pavers are scratched?

If the colored layer is scratched, the concrete will show through.


If you use permeable pavers, what material will be used to fill in the spaces between the pavers?

Small stones will be used to fill in the spaces between the pavers. This type of installation is considered more environmentally friendly.


For a patio, what is an advantage of poured concrete?

Poured concrete may be used to create any shape patio you desire, and the cost is low compared to other patio options.


What may happen to concrete over time?

Concrete may crack.


How may you jazz up boring concrete?

To give it a more interesting appearance, concrete may be tinted or stamped.


May you tile your patio with the same material you use in your kitchen?

You should use exterior tiles and exterior grout for patio use.


What may happen to exterior tiles if they remain wet for a long time?

Algae may grow on the surface.


Why should you use unglazed tiles for a patio instead of glazed tiles?

Glazed tiles may be more slippery when wet.


How does the cost of tile compare to other patio options?

Tile may be more expensive than poured concrete, concrete pavers or brick.


To make it suitable for a patio, what must be done to brick?

The brick must have special firing to make it less porous.


How many bricks are used to form a pinwheel pattern?

A pinwheel pattern is formed using four bricks set into a square shape, plus a one-half brick in the middle.


What may happen if you install bricks on sand?

You may need to cut down some plant growth between the bricks, so get out the weed whacker.


How does the price of brick compare to other patio options?

Brick is more expensive than poured concrete or concrete pavers.


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