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Fourth of July has hamburgers and hot dogs, Thanksgiving has turkey and stuffing. Americans love celebrating with food, but what do you really know about what you're eating? Take this quiz to learn more about foods that are as American as apple pie.

Ice cream cones are a popular summertime treat. How many licks does it take to finish a single-scoop cone?

On average, it takes 50 licks to consume a standard single-scoop.


The term "hot dog" first appeared in the U.S. in the 1890s referring to the wagons sausage vendors pulled outside the dorms of this Ivy League university:

Students referred to the vendors as "dog wagons" and the term "hot dog" was first recorded in a 1895 article from the Yale Record.


One of the greatest debates in history -- which is better, creamy or crunchy peanut butter? While most of the U.S. prefers creamy, this region prefers crunchy:

Crunchy reigns supreme on the West Coast and among men. Women and children usually opt for creamy.


Apple pie continues to be named America's favorite dessert. What European country shares our love of apple pie and ranks the treat as one of its most popular?

The American apple pie is descended from 15th century English apple pies.


What international event popularized the hamburger?

The hamburger debuted to a mass audience at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis alongside another patriotic food -- the ice cream cone!


Fact or fiction? The popular American side dish, cole slaw, is originally meant to be served hot.

The Dutch invented cole slaw, or cabbage salad, and served it hot. It wasn't served as a cold picnic dish until it came to the U.S.


What percent of American households eat turkey on Thanksgiving, according to a poll conducted by the National Turkey Federation?

Almost 88 percent of Americans surveyed eat turkey at Thanksgiving. The average size of a Thanksgiving turkey is 16 lbs. That's more than 700 million pounds of turkey nationwide!


Macaroni and cheese is the most popular cheese recipe in the U.S. While children traditionally consume the most mac n' cheese, adults get about 16 percent of their average daily ________ from the cheesy noodles.

While protein tops the list, mac n' cheese also provides fair amonts of iron and calcium.


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