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We miss Leslie Knope and the hilarious antics of her team and the rival town of Eagleton. Reminisce about the good ol' days of "Parks and Recreation" and see which town wins out in the end — come on, you know it's Pawnee!

Which town was founded in July 1817?

Pawnee was established in May 1817. By July, wealthy Pawneeans fled, because of the unpleasant smell and untenable soil, and founded Eagleton.

In 1990, which city made a national Top 100 Cities list, selected as No. 76 Best Place to Own a Horse?

That was Pawnee. It also landed on No. 4 as the Most Obese City.

Bill Dexhart sat on the city council for which city?

City Councilman Bill Dexhart worked to better the community for single mothers, nurses, waitresses and yoga instructors in Pawnee.

What is the name of the park Leslie Knope wanted to build on Lot 48?

Pawnee Commons was the name Leslie selected for the park she wanted to build on Lot 48.

Where was Councilwoman Leslie Knope born?

Despite what she says, Leslie Knope was born in Eagleton.

True or false? Palm trees can grow in Eagleton.

True. That's because Eagleton sits on top of a hot spring that creates a "micro-climate zone." Of course.

Is George Gernway the city manager for Pawnee or Eagleton?

Gernway is the city manager for Eagleton. He and Leslie Knope once went on a blind date.

Where is the Pawnee Commons park designer, Wreston St. James, from?

Leslie is enamored with Wreston St. James until she finds out he is from Eagleton.

After Ben Wyatt loses his job at Sweetums, he invents a complicated game called what?

After being fired from his job as president of the Sweetums Foundation, Ben Wyatt comes up with the strategy fantasy game Cones of Dunshire. In a flash-forward to 2022, we find out that Ben created a sequel to the game called Cones of Dunshire, The Adventure Continues: The Winds of Tremorrah.

Before moving to Pawnee, Ben Wyatt was a teenage mayor for what Minnesota city?

Ben Wyatt was the mayor of Partridge, which he bankrupted while in office by creating a winter sports complex called Ice Town.

Lindsay Carlisle Shay works for the Parks and Recreation Department for which town?

Lindsay Carlisle Shay is the deputy parks director for the Parks and Recreation Department in Eagleton. Leslie Knope turned down a job with Eagleton's Parks and Recreation Department, but Lindsay went behind her back and accepted it.

Ken Hotate is the tribal elder of what Native American tribe?

Ken Hotate is the leader of the Wamapoke tribe, which originally owned the land in Pawnee until the Reverend Luther Howell of Terre Haute planted a flag in the ground and claimed it.

True or false? Eagleton built a fence in shared Lafayette Park to keep out Pawnee residents.

True. Leslie Knope believes Lindsay Carlisle Shay is behind building the fence and seeks revenge by getting her parks employees to throw garbage over into Eagleton.

True or false? Clumsy Jerry Gergich is married to a beautiful blonde named Gayle.

True. Jerry Gergich and his stunning wife (played by Christie Brinkley) also have three equally beautiful daughters: Millicent, Miriam and Gladys.

Which city faced a crippling financial crisis because of its disastrous fiscal plan?

That would be Eagleton, whose city planners requested the assistance of Pawnee to prevent its collapse.

True or false? Leslie Knope decides not to help Eagleton and instead watches in delight as Pawnee's rival city goes down in flames.

False! This is Leslie Knope we're talking about. Instead of relishing in Eagleton's pain, Leslie announces that Pawnee will absorb Eagleton and some of its debt in order to save the city from ruin. It's the neighborly thing to do, after all.

After the merger between Pawnee and Eagleton, Leslie Knope was recalled as Pawnee councilwoman and replaced by who?

Ingrid de Forest was once a councilwoman in Eagleton. She replaced Leslie Knope on Pawnee's city council.

True or false? When Pawnee and Eagleton merge, Ron Swanson keeps his job as head of the Parks and Rec Department.

True. Ron Swanson stays on as head of the Pawnee Parks and Rec Department. Hippie/vegan Ron Dunn, Ron Swanson's counterpart from Eagleton, isn't as lucky, and loses his.

Ann Perkins, Leslie Knope's BFF, gets engaged and moves away from Pawnee with whom?

Ann Perkins and Pawnee City Manager Chris Traeger leave Pawnee to raise their child in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Which member of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department also has a real estate agent's license?

Donna Meagle is a licensed real estate agent. Her firm is called Regal Meagle Realty, and its motto is "Find Your Castle."

Which of the following is NOT one of the names of Andy Dwyer's bands?

Andy Dwyer's band has been through many, MANY iterations, including The Andy Andy Andys and Nothing Rhymes with Orange. One Door Down wasn't one of the names, however, Two Doors Down was.

Li'l Sebastian was the famous mini-horse from which town?

Of course Li'l Sebastian was from Pawnee. At one time he was the eighth-most-photographed thing in America, beating out the Alamo.

Tom Haverford is known for his outrageous business ideas. Which of the following was NOT one of his outlandish ideas?

Tom Haverford did pitch SnakeJuice (which failed) and mentioned H2HO. But he never talked about In-be-Tweens, tuxedos for 'tweens. We made that up. He did, however, talk about a tuxedo line for babies.

True or false? The jazz saxophonist Duke Silver is actually Ron Swanson.

True! Duke Silver is the stage name Ron Swanson created so he could moonlight as a musician.

Cozy's Bar, where Duke Silver and The Duke Silver Trio performs, is located where?

Cozy's Bar is actually located in Eagleton.

Which of the following is not a show hosted by Perd Hapley?

Perd Hapley has hosted shows called "Are You There Perd-verts? It's Me Perd, Hosting a New Segment" and "Ya Heard? With Perd!," but not "I'm Perd Hapley."

Who were Tammy 1 and Tammy 2 once married to?

Ron Swanson's first wife was Tammy 1; his second wife and third wife was Tammy 2. He divorced her twice.

True or false? Tammy 2 is the deputy director of library services in Eagleton.

False. Tammy 2 is the deputy director of library services in Pawnee.

Leslie Knope leaves Pawnee for Washington D.C. to work for what federal agency?

Leslie Knope gets a job in the senior executive service candidate development program at the Interior Department.

True or false? Leslie Knope runs for governor of Indiana and wins.

True. In the series finale, we flash-forward to 2035 where two-term governor Leslie Knope is receiving an honorary doctorate from Indiana University.

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