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It is one of the most iconic (and perhaps ominous) buildings in the world. How much do you know about the Pentagon?

How many office workers were employed in the Pentagon during the WWII era?

It was, and is, a virtual city within a single building.


What was the Phoenix Project?

About 11 months later, workers were able to return to their offices in the areas damaged by the attack.


Where is the Pentagon located?

It is located on the banks of the Potomac River.


How many concentric pentagons make up the Pentagon?

There are also 10 corridors that cut across the pentagons to make foot travel more efficient.


At maximum, about how long does it take to walk from any one point of the building to another?

By design, the building is meant to allow for quick journeys within its confines; you'd have to speed walk to make it in seven minutes, though.


With regard to the Pentagon, who is John McShain?

The company broke ground on the Pentagon in 1941.


McShain's company was also responsible for the construction of what other structure?

The company helped to construct more than 100 buildings in the D.C. area.


How long did it take to complete renovations, which were finished in 2011?

It overhauled and updated many of the building's key components.


How long did it take to complete the Pentagon's original construction?

It was an incredible feat of construction and coordination, spurred by the onset of WWII.


In addition to overseeing the Pentagon's construction, Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves was also responsible for what project?

Both projects were trailblazers in their own right, and Groves was the man in charge.


Who selected the site for the Pentagon?

If the Pentagon would have been built on the original site, it would have blocked the view of downtown D.C. from Arlington National Cemetery.


How many acres of land does the building cover?

It has more than 3.5 million square feet of usable floor area.


How many families did the government evict to make room for the Pentagon?

The government cleared out these (mostly poor) families, making about 300 acres for the entire project.


In relationship to its size, the Pentagon has how many toilets for its occupants?

It was built during times of racial segregation, so it has restrooms that were originally meant for only blacks or only whites.


How many acres of parking lots does the facility have?

That's enough parking for nearly 9,000 vehicles.


What event transpired on the 60th anniversary of the Pentagon's groundbreaking?

More than 180 people were killed during the attack.


How many workers toiled to build the Pentagon as quickly as possible?

Construction continued all day and night as the country tumbled towards WWII.


After a renovation effort, how many elevators are there in the Pentagon?

For longtime workers, the new elevators were a huge change after stomping up and down stairs for so many years.


About how many miles of corridors does the Pentagon contain?

Decades after its construction, it's still one of the biggest office buildings on the planet.


What did a group of radical protesters manage to do inside the Pentagon in 1972?

The bomb exploded at 1 a.m. and no one was hurt.


The Pentagon is the headquarters for which federal agency?

All three branches of the military are controlled within this massive headquarters.


Why didn't the Pentagon have elevators when it was first built?

The size of the building and the stairs-only layout meant you could get serious exercise working there.


How many stories make up the Pentagon?

There are two basement levels and five above ground.


What's one reason the height of the building is limited to five above ground levels?

WWII meant that construction projects of all sizes had to cut back on materials.


How much did it cost to construct the Pentagon?

In today's dollars that would be more than $1 billion.


How many ZIP codes does the Pentagon have?

Each branch of the service has its own code.


Before the Pentagon, the offices of the War Department were strewn through how many different facilities?

Part of the goal of the Pentagon was to streamline the War Department for greater efficiency.


How many restaurants does the Pentagon have?

But there are also six snack bars.


Why did Franklin Roosevelt initially want a building that didn't have windows?

Fortunately for the workers inside, engineers convinced FDR that windows were a good idea.


How many miles of telephone cable run through the building?

That is a nearly unimaginable amount of telephone cables.


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