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If you are being attacked by an assailant or a vicious dog, pepper spray can be a life saver. Take this quiz to learn more about pepper spray.

When did law enforcement bodies start to use pepper spray?

They started to use it in 1973 as a means of subduing violence.


Why would an individual want to use pepper spray?

An individual might use it as a means of self-defense or to fend off an attack.


What is the main component of pepper spray?

The main component is an extract of chili peppers, which is a strong irritant to the eyes, nose and throat.


How long does it take to work from the moment you spray it?

You spray it and the result is immediate.


After much exposure to pepper spray, what are the long-term effects?

There are no long-term effects, because it wears off completely after a few hours.


Which of these are true about capsaicin, the active compound in pepper spray?

Strange as it may seem, capsaicin is odorless, colorless and flavorless, yet it is so strong it can give you blisters on your skin.


What are the three spray patterns of aerosol canisters?

The spray patterns are stream, mist and fog. Each one has a different range and distance of spray.


What do pepper sprays have to prevent accidental triggering of the spray?

They have a safety catch to prevent accidents.


How does capsaicin affect the body so strongly?

Capsaicin reacts with the nerve endings in the body's mucous membranes.


Aside from an intense burning sensation, what else might happen to your throat upon exposure to pepper spray?

First, you might start coughing. You might also have difficulty breathing and find that your throat is swelling up.


What effect does pepper spray have on the environment?

Pepper spray is biodegradable, so the effect on the environment is negligible.


Why is using pepper spray a controversial issue?

Pepper spray is controversial because, while it hasn't been proven as a cause of death, there is evidence of it having contributed to certain deaths.


Pepper spray contains the oil oleoresin capsicum. What is the best method of washing it off?

Since it's an oil, your best bet is to use a soap or detergent. Plain water won't work, just as it won't clean your greasy pots.


Why should you avoid touching an affected area?

Touching an area of your body affected by pepper spray may lead you to spread it further if you aren't careful.


If you get pepper spray in your eyes, what should you do?

You should blink rapidly in order to get your eyes to tear up. Then you should use a "no tears" shampoo to flush it out from your eyes.


You have your own personal pepper spray on hand to fend off attack. What should you carry with you in case of an accident?

It's a good idea to carry medicated wipes with you in case you need them.


According to U.S. law, what is the position regarding carrying pepper spray for personal use?

Each state has its own laws. Differences vary between the minimum age required, the amount you can carry, etc.


Is pepper spray allowed in war, according to international agreements?

Pepper spray was banned as a weapon according to international law in 1972.


In which country do you need a legal permit to carry your own pepper spray?

You need a permit in Hong Kong. In Canada and Belgium, it is illegal for private use altogether.


What is the price range for a small can of pepper spray?

The range is between $10 and $50, although they usually cost under $20.


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