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Pets can do a lot of damage to your home. And you might think a few quick fixes are fine. But not always -- some pet damage can't be easily covered up. Take our quiz to see if you know if you know what kind you should fix or replace.

Your puppy left a urine stain on the floor trim. Fix or replace?

Urine stains can seep into the trim or drywall if not caught immediately. It's best to replace the trim to avoid odors or stains from reappearing .


Your dog's paws left scratches on your hardwood floors. Fix or replace?

Scratches in a hardwood floors can easily be fixed with a good sanding and finish, but it's definitely a job for a professional.


True or False: Pet odors can live for years in drywall, even if it has been painted over.

Pet odors, especially urine stains that have soaked into and affected the drywall, won't go away if they're merely painted over. The drywall should be replaced to remove the smell.


The cabinet door where you keep your pet's treats is scratched up. Fix or replace?

Sanding and re-staining or painting your cabinets is an easy fix for this type of surface pet damage.


Your fish tank leaked and caused a watermark on the wall. Fix or replace?

As with most damage caused by liquids, it's best to replace the drywall to avoid any lingering odors or water stains.


True or False: A urine stain on the carpet can be fixed with a simple stain remover.

Urine stains in carpet can seep down into the carpet pad and even into the subfloor.


Your pet's hair is clogging your air conditioner unit. Fix or replace?

If you've kept a fairly consistent cleaning schedule, pet hair in your AC unit can be fixed by a professional HVAC company.


Your dog likes to dig in one area of your garden. Should you continue fixing his damage or remove the plant and replace it with a new one?

It's not the plant that is causing your dog to dig, it's his genes. Try fixing his behavior, as well as the damage, by ensuring he gets enough exercise and is occupied with toys.


True or False: Before selling your home, you should check that any flooring stains have not damaged the subfloor.

Stains that penetrate through to the subfloor can leave lingering odors that could deter potential buyers.


All of your home's doors have chewing damage on the bottom corners. Fix or replace?

It's hard to hide chewing damage with paint and wood filler. It's best to replace the doors, which will remove any lingering odors, as well.


True or False: Any wall damage from a pet can be easily fixed with Spackle and paint.

The damage can likely be repaired, but the odors and stains can live in the walls of your home. Even if you paint over them, the smells will linger and the stains may reappear.


Your pet brought fleas into your home and they're now living in the carpet. Fix or replace?

With the help if a specialist, a flea problem can be fixed without replacing your carpet.


Your dog enjoys chewing on the threshold to the front door. Fix or replace?

There is no quick fix for this issue. It's best to replace the threshold before inviting potential buyers into your home.


True or False: Heating ducts can become clogged with pet hair and ruin your heating system.

Pet hair can clog your heating ducts, but this damage can be fixed with a proper duct cleaning.


Your cat has scratched completely through the window screen. Fix or replace?

Damaged screens could be fixed, but it is best for your resale price to replace the screens completely.


True or False: All pet odors will leave your home when you move your furniture out.

Pet odors can live in the walls, carpet and padding, as well as the subfloor of your home. In many cases, odors stay behind even when you move out.


Your cat throws up regularly in one corner of the room, which has caused a stain on the trim piece. Fix or replace?

This type of set-in liquid stain will leave an odor and may reappear despite your attempts to fix it. It's best to replace the trim.


You found cat urine on your wood coffee table. Fix or replace?

This type of set-in stain will leave an odor. It's best to replace the piece or simply move it to the garage while your house is being shown to potential buyers.


Your dog chewed up the trim at the bottom of your front porch. Fix or replace?

Since this damage is outside, there won't be any noticeable odors, so fixing the damaged trim or even covering it up with new landscaping is okay.


True or False: Dogs are the only pets that cause major chewing damage.

Cats, ferrets, rabbits and other pets can cause just as must chewing damage as dogs.


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