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Plan ahead to find pet-friendly hotels that will suit the needs of your pet and double check all the facts before leaving home. Take this quiz to learn more about pet friendly hotels.

Do all pet-friendly hotels allow all types of pets?

There is no standard set of rules for pet-friendly hotels. Rules vary among different hotel chains, so you may want to check before you check in.


While staying at a pet-friendly hotel, must your pet remain on a leash at all times?

There is no standard rule regarding leashes, so check with the hotel before you arrive.


Where may your pet sleep or rest?

Some hotels provide linens to cover the furniture and beds, so your pet may be permitted access to those protected surfaces. Other hotels do not permit pet access to furniture or beds. Again, inquire before you check in.


Where may your pet go to answer the call of nature?

Usually there will be a specific location for your pet to do its business.


Is a hotel's Web site information about pets always reliable?

Sometimes the policies change, and the Web site information will not have been updated. Make a call and verify the facts before starting your trip.


What are the legal obligations of bringing your pet to a hotel ?

You may be required to sign an agreement assuming financial responsibility for any damage as a result of your pet's behavior.


Will you have any upfront fees to stay in a pet-friendly hotel?

It is not unusual for a pet-friendly hotel to require a non-refundable pet guest fee, or a refundable deposit for damages.


To be a hotel guest, what must your pet have?

Your pet must have proof of current vaccinations.


In some hotels, what is the only type of hotel room available for guests with pets?

Some hotels permit pets only in rooms designated for smoking.


What dogs are not welcome at pet-friendly hotels?

Aggressive dogs may not be welcome, nor will dirty, flea-infested dogs.


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