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You may dine with your dog at pet-friendly restaurants, but your dog must be on its best behavior or it may be bounced. Take this quiz to learn more about pet-friendly restaurants.

Where are pets welcome to sit in a pet-friendly restaurant?

Pets are allowed to sit with their owners in the outside seating areas.


How may a pet enter the outdoor seating section?

Pets are not allowed to walk through a restaurant, so the outdoor seating must have an entrance from outside the restaurant.


What country may allow your pet to be seated inside the restaurant?

Restaurants in France may allow your pet its choice of seating.


What law prohibits pets from entering restaurants?

Local health ordinances prohibit pets from entering restaurants.


What law permits service animals to have restaurant access?

The Americans with Disabilities Act permits service animals access to any areas open to the general public, including restaurants.


What animals are usually allowed to dine at pet-friendly restaurants?

Usually dogs are the only pets welcome at pet-friendly restaurants.


Who can levy fines against restaurants that do not comply with the health codes?

Local and state health inspectors are mandated to levy fines for noncompliance.


Who makes the final decision if a restaurant will be pet-friendly?

Its up to the restaurant owner to make this decision.


What is a good dog etiquette for dining out?

Keep your pet off the chairs, benches or tables, and no eating off the table.


What state requires hand sanitizers on the tables of pet-friendly restaurants?

The State of Florida requires hand sanitizers. Local ordinances may also determine pet policy.


Who may you have greater risk of contracting an illness from, a person or a dog?

According to Laura Hungerford, from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, you have a better chance of getting sick from a person than a dog.


How can you find pet-friendly restaurants?

The Internet is a good way to search for pet-friendly restaurants. Try or


How may a restaurant change its pet-friendly policy?

Restaurants may revoke their pet-friendly policy without any notice to customers.


Pet-friendly restaurants must have an outside seating area that is not fully:

The outdoor space must not be fully enclosed.


Are dogs allowed to enter any restaurant patio or deck, provided that it is not fully enclosed and has an exterior access?

The owner of the restaurant must specify that there is a pet-friendly policy.


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