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Did you know that you can adopt a dog from an animal shelter by going online and browsing the Internet? matches animals in shelters with prospective adopters, making the adoption process easier for everyone. Learn all about this fast-growing site by taking our quiz.

What percentage of dogs in animal shelters are purebred?

According to the Humane Society of the United States, at least 25 percent of dogs taken into shelters every year are purebred.


Why do potential pet adopters end up buying pets instead of adopting them from shelters?

Most people looking for a new pet either don't find what they're looking for in their local shelter or prefer not visiting the shelter because it is upsetting.


_____ is the largest pet Web site on the Internet, connecting homeless animals with people who want them. is the largest pet Web site on the Internet allowing prospective adopters to search a database of available pets based on breed, age, size or gender.


The Foundation helped victims of Hurricane _____ to reunite with their pets after the disaster.

Programmers at the Foundation created a database of animals as they recovered them, allowing individuals to locate their pets, reuniting about 3,000 animals with their owners.


Who are the founders of Petfinder?

In 1995, Jared and Betsy Saul resolved to implement a project for social good, focusing on one that would alleviate the plight of unwanted animals. They decided to create a Web site where shelters could list their animals that were available for adoption.


How many animal adoptions are credited to Petfinder?

Since its founding, Petfinder has been responsible for finding homes for more than 12 million animals.


Which of the following countries participate in Petfinder's activities?

Petfinder has members in all of the 50 United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Jamaica, Guam and the Virgin Islands.


How many site visitors does receive per month?

Petfinder receives more than 4.6 million site visitors each month, as well as 180 million page views.

Advertisement's Internet traffic is routed through more than _____ servers.'s Internet traffic is routed through more than 50 servers located in Secaucus, N.J.


How does Petfinder raise money for its operations?

At this time, Petfinder has four major sponsors, whose contributions pay for staffing, servers and outreach. Petfinder also raises money by selling space on their site to advertisers.


_____ take in stray or unwanted animals for a set period of time.

Government-run animal control facilities and animal shelters take in stray and unwanted animals for a set period of time.


Which type of pet rescue group only takes in certain breeds of dog?

Breed-specific rescue groups accept only animals of a designated breed. They take in animals from animal shelters as well as owner surrenders.


Which of the following types of animals can you find on Petfinder?

In addition to dog and cat rescue groups, there are horse, ferret, bird and reptile rescue groups on Petfinder.


Which of the following small groups might have a listing on Petfinder?

There are Petfinder listings for veterinarians' offices and veterinary schools that rescue unwanted animals. There are even a few groups started and run by children.


What is the first step a member of Petfinder must do to post a pet on Petfinder?

The first step a member of Petfinder must do to post a pet on Petfinder is to log in to the administration page using his or her shelter ID and password. Any member can upload a new pet and change or modify their list of existing animals.


How many pictures does Petfinder allow for each pet listed on their Web site?

Petfinder allows a maximum of two breeds, three pictures and one video for each pet. You can include further information in the narrative portion of the listing.


What does the Petfinder Web site call pet adoption stories with a happy ending?

The Petfinder Web site calls pet adoption stories with a happy ending "Happy Tails." When an animal is adopted from the site, administrators change its status to "adopted."


How can nonmembers and private individuals list pets for adoption on Petfinder?

Nonmembers and private individuals who wish to list a pet for adoption can do so in the Petfinder Classified section. The classified section does not include pictures, but it can be a good way to publicize an animal in need of a new home.


Which is the most popular breed listed on the Web site?

The most popular breeds of dogs -- Labrador retrievers and German shepherds -- have the highest number of Petfinder listings. There are usually thousands of animals featured for each popular breed at any given time.

Advertisement explodes the myth that all animals in _____ are old, sick or unadoptable. not only explodes the myth that all animals in shelters are old, sick or unadoptable, it publicizes the problem of pet overpopulation and encourages neutering, spaying and responsible pet care.


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