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Philadelphia is famous for its rich history and its tourism industry is definitely driven by this factor. But there are other attractions, too: great restaurants, galleries, flower shows and performing art shows all attract the tourists every year. Take this quiz and learn more about fascinating Philadelphia.

How many people visit Philadelphia a year?

About 30 million people visit Philadelphia a year.


Who are you likely to meet on Elfreth's Alley?

Elfreth's Alley has been a residential street since 1702. Today, as part of a living history program, you can find costumed historical characters, such as Betsy Ross, roaming up and down the street.


What was Philadelphia originally intended to be?

When William Penn conceived the idea of Philadelphia, he envisioned a Quaker utopia, a "city of brotherly love," where Native American Indians and Dutch settlers would live side by side, in harmony.


What happens on New Year's Day in Philadelphia?

The New Year's day Mummers Parade is unique to Philadelphia.


Where in Philadelphia is Benjamin Franklin buried?

Benjamin Franklin and other notables from that time period are buried in the yard adjacent to Christ Church.


Which rivers border Philadelphia?

The Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers border Philadelphia. Sports activities usually take place on the Schuylkill River and shipping from the Delaware River.


What is the safety situation in Philadelphia?

The Center City of Philadelphia is safe for walking; generally in Philadelphia, people favor walking as their prime mode of transport.


What is Philadelphia's population?

Philadelphia's population is 1.5 million, if you include the surrounding suburbs, it reaches 3.9 million.


What is Philadelphia's average temperature?

Philadelphia's temperatures average in the 20s (-7 C) during the winter and in the 90s (32 C) and humid in the summer.


When is the best time to visit Philadelphia?

In terms of weather, spring and fall are the most pleasant times to visit Philadelphia -- you avoid the temperature extremes. In terms of low tourist season and dropped prices, winter and fall are best.


What is the average cost of a one week car rental?

The average cost of renting a mid-sized car for a week is $200. Prices do vary, though, according to rental company and season.


How much is it customary to tip taxi drivers?

It is customary to tip taxi drivers 15 percent of the fare. A 20-minute ride into town from the airport should cost $25, not including tip.


How is Philadelphia laid out?

Philadelphia is laid out in a grid. All streets are one way, except for the Parkway, Vine Street, Broad Street and lower Market Street.


What is hosted at Rittenhouse Square?

Since 1914, Rittenhouse Square has hosted the May flower market. In June, there is a two week fine arts show, where new talent can showcase their work.


What is exhibited at the Mutter Museum?

Medical oddities, such as preserved tumors and skeletons of giants, can be found at the Mutter Museum.


When did Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program (MAP) begin?

Philadelphia's MAP began in 1984 to combat graffiti. In turned 2,400 lifeless walls into stunning landscapes and detailed historic scenes.


Which theater is Philadelphia's "Avenue of the Arts"?

Philadelphia's "Avenue of the Arts" is contained in the Freedom Repertory Theater, an African American Theater housed in an historic mansion.


How tall is the statue of William Penn?

A.M. Calder's 37 foot statute of William Penn caps the elaborate French style City Hall. You can ride in Penn's shoelaces to a height of 548 feet for a bird's eye view of Philadelphia.


How much is the sales tax on clothing in Philadelphia?

One great advantage of shopping in Philadelphia is that there is no sales tax on clothing. Philadelphia is one of the only cities that has old fashioned department stores like Lord and Taylor.


How many acres is Fairmount Park?

Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is 8,700 acres, making it the world's biggest landscaped city park.


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