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Where are you planning to go for your next vacation? Consider Phoenix, Arizona -- not only is the weather great, there are hundreds of great activities you can enjoy in the vicinity. You can golf, go fishing by the lake, and even enjoy the splendor of the Grand Canyon during the day, and at night you can hit the clubs.

Phoenix, Arizona is made up of how many independent communities?

There are actually 22 communities that make up the Phoenix metro area.


How many days of sun does Phoenix get each year?

On average, Phoenix enjoys 325 days of sunlight each year, which makes it a major tourist attraction.


Phoenix is also referred to as which of these?

Phoenix's location in between the mountains and its year-long sunshine have earned it the name "Valley of the Sun."


How many people visit Phoenix each year?

With great weather and so many kinds of activities available, it's no wonder that more than 13 million people visit Phoenix each year.


Which of these famous U.S. landmarks is located just a few hours from Phoenix, Arizona?

America's largest landmark, the Grand Canyon, is located near Phoenix. You can get there by car in about four hours.


Approximately how many people live in the Phoenix metro area?

There are just over 4 million people living in the greater Phoenix metro area, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


By what percentage did the population of Phoenix increase in the 1990s?

The U.S. Census Bureau calculates that the population of Phoenix increased by 45 percent between 1990 and 2000.


What is the general climate of Phoenix, Arizona?

Phoenix is in the desert, which explains why it enjoys three to four months of 100-degree F (37.7 C) days.


What is the average altitude of The Valley?

Even though Phoenix is located in a valley, it is still about 1,000 feet (305 meters) above sea level.


Approximately what percentage of daylight hours in the area are cloud-free?

Phoenix is both warm and sunny; about 90 percent of the time the skies are clear.


Which of these rock stars has a night club in the heart of downtown Phoenix?

Alice Cooper's Town is a very popular night club in the downtown Phoenix area, and the club's namesake -- rock legend Alice Cooper -- makes regular appearances there.


What does an all-day bus pass cost in Phoenix?

Valley Metro Bus Service offers a day pass for the very affordable price of $3.60.


What is the name of Phoenix's free shuttle system?

If you don't want to shell out $3.60 a day to get around the city, try the DASH system -- Downtown Area Shuttle -- which is free.


The Cactus League is division of which sport?

Phoenix is home to the spring training camps of 15 Major League Baseball teams, collectively known as the Cactus League.


How many major sports teams does Phoenix have?

There are four major sports teams in the Phoenix area: The Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball), The Phoenix Suns (basketball), The Arizona Cardinals (football) and the Phoenix Coyotes (hockey).


How many species of plants can you find at the Desert Botanical Garden?

There are over 4,000 species of cacti and other desert plants at the 150-acre Desert Botanical Garden. There's also a butterfly pavilion.


Which of these is considered the most affluent, trendiest part of the Phoenix metro area?

Scottsdale is home to Phoenix's affluent residents, and you can go there to enjoy all the shopping you can imagine. If you're looking to spend money, Scottsdale's the place to go.


Which famous American architect built Taliesin West?

Located at 13195 West Chenango Ave., in Scottsdale, is Frank Lloyd Wright's studio, Taliesin West.


On which days does the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art offer free tours?

Every Thursday you can enjoy a free tour of Scottsdale's Museum of Contemporary Art, located at the Scottsdale Mall in Old Town Scottsdale.


Which area of Phoenix should you go to if you want to shop for antiques?

On the western side of the Valley is Glendale, which is the self-proclaimed capital of antiques for the State of Arizona.


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