🎸 Pick 30 of Your Favorite Classic Rock Songs and We'll Guess Your Age and Gender

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In the 1940s, music was all about the Blues, Rhythm and even Gospel. Much of this music was rooted in the southern part of the United States. As folks migrated further north, they brought the music along and influenced artists along the way. In the early '50s, a radio DJ named Alan Freed coined the term "Rock 'N' Roll" while playing Blues and Rhythm music at a radio station in Cleveland. Many of the known Rhythm and Blues artists were black and thus many radio stations refused to play their music. With Freed's term of rock and roll to describe all of the current music, he was able to play both black and white performers on the station. 

The term caught on and a timeless genre of music was born. Everyone from Elvis to Buddy Holly embraced the sound and put their own twist on the music. The 196's and '70s are sometimes called the golden age of rock music. Today, some 50 years later, from the early recording artists, we call it classic rock. This period spans some 30 years, producing some of the best music in our lifetime. Along with the music came a rebellious attitude with fast cars, long hair and loud guitars. Whether you're young or old, you can't deny the power and influence of rock music. We can tell your age and gender just by choosing your favorite classic rock songs. If you're ready for the rock guitar solo of quizzes, head to question 1 and take the quiz!

You don't want to admit it to your friends, but which of these songs is a guilty pleasure to your ears?

Which of these songs about high school really brings the nostalgia?

Sometimes you need a little funk in your rock. Which of these funk rock classics gets you moving?

There's songs that don't quite bring the rock but they're still classic. Which of these not-so-rocking songs is your favorite?

Which of these songs do you like best when you're feeling a little groovy?

Favorite classic rock song you forgot about until you watched "Dazed and Confused" again?

Favorite classic rock song where you get more cowbell?

Which song did you turn up loud just to make your parents mad?

It's not all about the rippin' guitar solos. Which of these songs featuring sweet harmonies is your favorite?

Favorite song where you drop everything and sing along?

Favorite classic rock political anthem?

Some songs are way too long but still rock. Which of these lengthy classics is your favorite?

Which of these songs do you crank up when you head out for a road trip?

You find yourself at a biker bar, you have a couple quarters to play a song on the jukebox. What would you play?

You want to show your appreciation to your mom. Which song do you play for her?

The drummer takes a backseat sometimes, but there is still some rocking drum work in these songs. Which one is your favorite?

Sometimes a rocking cover is better than the original. Which of these cover songs takes the original to another level?

These classic rock songs take it down a couple notches. Which of these sad songs might bring a tear to your eye?

Which of these songs is your favorite to play when you're feeling a little spacy?

Which is your go-to song when you need to get the party started?

Which song have you tried to play backward to hear some lyrics about the devil?

It's not all dudes who rock the mic. Which of these songs featuring a female lead is your favorite?

Which of these songs featuring guitar gods is your favorite?

Which of these songs has a little too much piano to really be rocking?

On which of these songs did you probably hear the lyrics wrong?

Which of these songs is your favorite bluesy rock song?

Sometimes you just get sick of a song. Which song would you be OK with if you never heard it again?

What is your favorite song about monsters?

Favorite song about with a southern style?

Which song do you like when you're feeling a shot of whiskey?

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