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For many of us bibliophiles, one of the best days of our young lives was library day.  Whether this was with your parents or your school, both of the beginnings of this journey were the same.  You were expected to remain quiet as you were escorted from the classroom or your home to the library, your equivalent of heaven.  However, on more than one occasion, we're betting that the excitement probably got to you and your noise levels were rewarded with a trip back to the class or home.  

One of the many milestones in reading is the step up from the picture book to the coveted chapter book, which usually takes many trips to the library and being told, "No."  When you eventually convinced the adults that you were ready, you were inundated by the number of chapter books and the new topics that you could explore.  Today, you're probably an ace at word jumbles, a champion of crosswords, or a book is one of your constant companions.

If any of this sounds familiar, we have got a quiz for you.  Just like the chapter books of your youth, we have developed a quiz with five-letter words.  So do you think you can match the correct definition to the word?  One way to find out!

Which of these words means expressing cheer?

If you're ever stumped on what a jolly person looks like, look no further than Santa Claus. With his jovial nature and jelly-like belly, he's a perfect example of jolly. After all, who wouldn't want to give presents away to kids for a living?


Which word is a synonym for dreary?

In addition to dreary, other synonyms for the word bleak include: depressing, grim, forlorn and somber. It also can mean a cold and sunless chilly day.


This word can mean a prank or is a group of cards played in a round of cards and is used as a method of scoring. What word is it?

When it comes to the game of spades, players need to be extremely careful when it comes to bidding how many tricks they will score per hand. If they score too many, they get bags added, which takes away from the score.


This word can mean a lounge area in a theater or an attempt to sway opinion.

When it comes to politics, there are groups of people who back various industries and causes, called lobbies. Some examples of governmental lobbies are the gun and tobacco lobbies.


What is a wearable time-keeping device also known as?

When it comes to pocket watches, there are many different case styles. For a case with no protective cover, you want to stick with an open face design. If you want your watch with protection, you should look at one of the variants of a hunter's case.


What is the foam at the top of a cappuccino called?

In addition to cappuccinos, other great drinks you can make with a good froth are hot chocolate, eggnog and even lattes. There are several different recipes out on the Internet for leftover foam.


What are triangles, stars, circles and squares also known as?

In addition to the definition above, the word shape can also describe the condition of a specific item. So when you're saying that you're trying to keep in shape, you're saying that you want to make sure you're in good condition.


What word can mean either a movie or a quick movement?

The reason why a movie was called a flick was because of the fact that the film would flicker over the projector's light in rapid succession. Even though you may not use the word flick in your everyday use, we're betting you may use a version of it at least once a week, when you decide to tune into your Netflix account.


What word is not only an eating utensil but also a snuggling position?

When it comes to building a bond with a new significant other, nothing beats a good spooning session. Not only does it do that, but it helps reduce stress by releasing serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical. In addition to that, it helps boost your immune system by releasing dopamine, the love brain chemical.


What is the most powerful piece in a chess game and a mature female cat used for breeding?

In addition to being downright adorable at times, Queen Elizabeth II is also the oldest English monarch to ever live. Previously, the oldest queen had been Queen Victoria, who lived to be 81 years old.


What is a densely textured bread commonly served during a tea party?

Today, there are many different types of scone, from the super-sweet blueberry lemon creme scone to the savory bacon and cheddar scone, and this rough bread is perfect to eat on its own or with a cup of tea. One of the reasons behind the denseness of the bread was for dipping, making a small meal before dinner.


What kind of snake does a snake charmer lure out of a basket?

Cobras are part of the naja genus in the elapidae family. Most cobras have hoods (the ability to make their necks flat, making the snake look like its wearing a hood). In addition to this, all cobra venom is fatal to humans.


What kind of card would a gypsy use to tell the future?

Just like a deck of playing cards, there are four different suits: cups, swords, wands and pentacles. In addition, they also have the same numeric ranges from aces to kings, however, in tarot, the ace is considered low at all times.


Which of these words is another word for a snake as well as a Dodge vehicle?

The Dodge Viper was discontinued in 2017, however, this luxury vehicle had four different models, with the ACR being the top of the line. Costing between $87K and $118K it may have been the miles per gallon that caused this vehicle to retire: It got only 12 miles in the city and 19 miles on the highway.


What word can mean a baby chicken or a young female?

Your typical chick will take 21 days to develop. They break out of their shells using a bit of calcium on their beaks called an egg tooth. These appendages eventually break off, but it is a handy tool indeed!


When it comes to disposing of documents with confidential information on them, what method do you use?

In the world of fitness, a shredding workout is used to refine muscle tone and burn fat. When you shred, the muscles get little tears, which when repaired are stronger than before.


Which of these words is a synonym for fast?

When it comes to clawed pets, you want to make sure you don't clip their nails too close to the quick. The quick is the pink tissue that helps produce the nail and if it is clipped too closely, it not only would be painful, but it could lead to excessive blood loss.


This word can mean a particular trait or a curve. What word is it?

In addition to the two above meanings, a quirk is also the gap between a bead and its adjoining pieces in a necklace. On top of this, when discussing the curvature of someone's handwriting, the word quirk describes the flourishes on paper as well.


What word means pleasing to the taste or being proficient at a skill?

In addition to the two definitions above, the word sweet also can mean beloved. As a matter of fact, if you hear that someone is sweet on you, you could take it as a compliment.


Which weapon would you use to kill a vampire?

Traditionally, plunging a stake through the heart of a vampire is the best way to kill a vampire. Another lethal weapon is sunlight, which burns this undead creature.


Which of these words would you use to describe a vehicle to transport a doll?

If you're ever outside on a hot summer night without bug repellent, you may also use the word buggy to describe your experience. Another definition of buggy is to be infested with bugs.


What is another word for a person who gives you the willies?

Radiohead's "Creep" slipped into public consciousness in the 1990s. Since then, several covers have been performed, all with various style tweaks: Postmodern Jukebox made a jazz version in 2014 and with Haley Reinhart's crystal vocals, it gives the original track a run for its money.


What word is the opposite of over?

One of Australia's nicknames is the "Land Down Under." Under what? The equator. Much of Australia is uninhabitable, with a lot of its landmass consisting of desert.


Which of these words would be used to describe a dark or black item?

In 1982, Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder released "Ebony & Ivory." This song promoted racial equality and featured some incredible harmonizing between the two.


What kind of diet only has vegetables or items derived from vegetables?

While many may consider that veganism is a newer thing, it actually isn't. A study shows that gladiators were mostly vegetarian, even leaning toward vegan. Scientists made this discovery by analyzing bones from burial sites.


Which video game title is also a story with a moral?

Aesop's Fables are one of the earliest examples of a fable, composed in Greece before Christ. These stories include "The Lion & the Mouse," which teaches dependence upon others regardless of appearance, and "The Fox & the Grapes," which offers the reflection that people will often dislike what they can't have.


What is another word for poison, typically used to describe snake and spider bites?

One of Spider-Man's main enemies, Venom is actually an alien. It is called a symbiote, a creature that coexists with its host, providing extra strengths and weaknesses.


What word is used to describe a type of fish as well as winter Olympic footwear?

Skates are in the same class as sharks, chimeras and rays, the chondrichthyan class. There are about 150 different types of skates in the oceans, but don't confuse them with a ray, they've got meatier tails and are considerably smaller in shape.


Which organ is the center of the circulatory system?

The heart is divided into four chambers comprised of two atria and two ventricles, each with different functions. The right atrium is responsible for taking oxygen-poor blood and transferring it to the right ventricle, which sends it to the lungs. The left atrium is responsible for transferring oxygen-rich blood to the left ventricle, which then exits into the rest of the body.


What is not only the name of a Disney dog, but also a synonym for a vagrant?

Silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin made his way into the public's hearts with his Little Tramp character. The Tramp's signature look included a bowler hat, bamboo cane and sunken eyes.


What is another word for sacrifice?

When it comes to offers, it covers many different gifts or proposals. In business, when a new job is given to a candidate, it is called an offer and in the world of consumer products, offers are usually bargains offered by manufacturers or stores to entice buyers to purchase their products.


This word can either mean a sporting contest or a chemically treated wick used to start fires. What word is it?

In terms of the chemically tipped wood, a synonym for a match is a lucifer. The reason? During the Industrial Revolution, safety matches were invented with phosphorous tips. These tips, when struck, produced the sulfury smell we know today and because of the brimstone smell, they were called "lucifers," after the devil.


When purchasing cigarettes, one of these may be added to the base price of the pack or carton. What is it?

In the traditional sense, a tithe was a tax that residents voluntarily paid to contribute to a religious institution. However, it should be noted that the word voluntarily should be applied liberally.


When it comes to playing MMORPGs, you often need to look for one of these when completing a more difficult quest. What is it?

When it comes to grouping in a game, sometimes there aren't the right kind of players on your buddy list. In that case you want to use a PUG or pick-up group. These groups can be hit or miss, but at least there's a chance you'll get your quest done.


If you're a soldier invading a country, what word could you use to describe this action?

In the times of war, many of the strategies incorporate harrying or constant invasion at a particular site. This tactic usually wears the enemy down, uses resources and ensures a victory.


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