Pick Some Outfits to Wear and We'll Guess Where in the U.S. You Live

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If you've ever traveled overseas, you know that there are considerable variations in fashion and style. European men embrace accessories such as scarves and hats as a part of a complete outfit, while American men shun the extras and focus on comfort. For women, style in other countries is less about comfortable on-and-off outfits and more about emulating looks seen on fashion runways. International brands have taken center stage in Asian countries, where traditional dress reigned supreme for years.

Believe it or not, even inside the boundary of the United States, there are vast differences in fashion and style. Some of those differences can be attributed to the weather – you wouldn't wear shorts in snow-covered Buffalo! – while others are just changes based on a more laid-back vs. more structured environment.

Take a peek through our closet (in the form of 30 questions that follow in this quiz) and tell us which outfit best suits your style. We'll examine your closet choices and tell you what part of the United States you call home. So, whether animal print has you screaming "Heck, yes!" or "No way!," consider us the clothing GPS – able to detect your location with the click of a mouse.

You promise to attend church with your grandmother on Sunday. Which of these are you most likely to wear?

If you had to choose a skirt to wear, what type would be it be?

You have a day to spend at the beach or the pool. What are you wearing over your swimsuit?

If someone asked you to describe your style in five words or less, what would you say?

It's supposed to be cooler outside today. Which of these outerwear choices do you reach for?

Your friend stops by your home unexpectedly. What do you answer the door wearing?

Every outfit needs footwear. Which of these do you wear most often?

Your wallet, smartphone and iPad need someplace to go. What do you carry them in?

Boots are a staple wardrobe item in many areas of the country. Do you own any boots?

Would you don a bowtie with your outfit?

In your opinion, when would it be appropriate to wear a hoodie?

Wardrobe items come in a rainbow of colors. What color consumes most of your closet?

Let's talk about fashion etiquette for one second. Would you wear white after Labor Day?

Graphic tees are popular just about everywhere. What would you pair yourself with?

When you head out to the mall for a day of shopping, which brand do you gravitate toward more?

Which of these leggings would you choose?

Everyone just wants to pull on a pair of blue jeans from time to time. What style suits you best?

You've been invited to a wedding. Which is these are you wearing?

Which of these fashion trends would you be most likely to support?

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Which of these are you most likely to add?

Think about the contents of your closet. What dominates your shelves?

It's Saturday and you're running errands. Which of these do you pull on?

You're shopping for a new dress. What type of material do you lean toward?

A layered look is a popular option in some places. How do you feel about it?

Let's talk about sweatpants. What is your first reaction?

Many people enjoy wearing monogrammed clothing items. What is your first impression of that?

It's your first day at a new job. Which of these outfits would you select?

You're going out for drinks after work with friends. Which of these matches your style?

You're headed to a football game on Sunday. What are you wearing?

If you had to guess based on what your friends and colleagues wear most, what would you say is the trending style in your area?

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