Pick Which Politicians Would Win in an Arm Wrestling Match and We'll Guess Your Age

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Politicians are well-known for their soundbites and catchphrases. There have been dozens over the years: "Read my lips: no new taxes." "When they go low, we go high." "Speak softly and carry a big stick." "I am not a crook." And of course, the most recent (and most divisive): "Make America Great Again."

We all know that politicians can talk a big game. Giving longwinded speeches on the campaign trail and hosting rallies of supporters in towns across the nation comes with the territory when you decide to run for elected office. But we wonder ... could any of these politicians back up their words with strength? More specifically, would they be able to beat their political opponents not just with rhetoric, but also in an arm wrestling match?

We'll let you be the judge of that. We'll give you groups of politicians from every era of history – choose the one who is not the smartest or most charismatic, but who would most likely be able to overwhelm the others with arm strength. Based on your choices, we're confident that we can tell you how old you are and what kind of politicians you appreciate the most.

Just hit the questions below, and remember: Ask not what your politician can do for you, ask how much they can bench press. 

They're considered the most powerful men in the world. Which of these US presidents has the most powerful arms?

The House of Representatives is the lower chamber of Congress, but that doesn't mean they're low in strength. Which representative would win in an arm wrestling bout?

Some say Senators have most of the power in the Legislative branch. Which Senate would fare the best in a contest of physical power?

The Speaker of the House might use words to wield control, but some of them can also use their biceps. Which Speaker do you have winning in arm wrestling?

House Majority Whips don't actually use a whip, but they still have to get people in line. If they had to use their arms to do so, which one would be most effective?

They are leaders of the majority in the most powerful chamber of Congress. Which of these Senate Majority Leaders would have similar power in an arm wrestling duel?

The President Pro Tempore of the Senate is the second-highest ranking official in the chamber and third in the line of succession to the presidency. Which of them would come in first in an arm wrestling matchup?

Vice Presidents are second only to the Commander in Chief. Which of these would be best at using arm power to defend their boss?

The House Minority Whip has an important job: making sure their party is unified even without control of their chamber. Which of them would win in a battle of arm wrestling?

Where do you think would be the best location to have a political arm wrestling match?

The Senate Minority Whip has to keep the smaller faction of the Senate in line. Which of these would do it best if they could only use their biceps?

Foreign relations usually falls to the Secretary of State. Which of these Secretaries of State is most likely to challenge international diplomats to an arm wrestling match and win?

They might not be elected, but the White House Chief of Staff still holds immense power by controlling access to the president. Which of these would best control their opponent in arm wrestling?

Governors play a big role in shaping politics as a society. Which of them would win in a contest of strength?

Mayors hold a lot of power, especially ones who represent larger cities. Which one holds the most power in their forearms?

Senate Minority leaders are the voice of the party not in power. Which of these Minority Leaders would make up for their party's lack of power with arm strength?

Which strategy would the winning politician need to use to come out victorious in an arm wrestling match?

Campaign managers may not be considered traditional politicians, but they are still very much involved in the political realm. Which famous campaign lead has the strongest grip?

The Secretary of Defense controls all branches of the military. Which of these would control things in an arm wrestling match?

Lieutenant Governors are the second-highest state officials in 45 of 50 states. Which of them would rank highest in an arm wrestling bout?

Politics is often defined by the network it's presented on – on which channel would you want your political arm wrestling bout to be shown?

White House press secretaries are responsible for defending the president by talking to the media. Which of them would do more with their arms than their mouth?

No one elects them, but political commentators still play a significant role in politics. Which of them could not only out-talk their political foes but out-muscle them?

The head of the Department of Homeland Security protects the country with policy and action. Which one would best protect you with their biceps?

The Environmental Protection Agency's leader is tasked with safeguarding the environment. Which of them would have the best shot at safeguarding a win in an arm wrestling contest?

Which of these Federal Reserve Chairs would have the best shot at controlling inflation rate as well as their opponent in an arm wrestling match?

The Director of National Intelligence oversees all the country's intelligence. Which of these directors is just as capable at arm wrestling as espionage?

They aren't politicians but work with many of them and play a large part in setting the country's policy. Which military general would win in an arm wrestling bout?

The Secretary of Commerce promotes American business interests – which of them could also succeed in an arm wrestling matchup?

In 2018, many first-time Congressional representatives were elected. Which of these would you back in a battle of arm strength?

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