Quiz: Pick Which Superheroes Would Win in a Fight and We'll Guess Your Age!
Pick Which Superheroes Would Win in a Fight and We'll Guess Your Age!
By: Amanda Monell
Image: Lauren Nicole / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

When it comes to comic books and comic book movies, there are a few types of fans. The first is the person who had read the comics for a long time and was excited for the movie to come out but ultimately ended up disappointed at the film's adaptation of the source material. Then there's the person who started to read comics after seeing the movies. And finally, there is the individual who would rather see comic book movies instead of reading the source material. But there is one thing that all these fans have in common; at one point or another, a debate takes place over what superhero would beat another in a throwdown.

As we age, we tend to employ different methods that we would use to fight another person. When we're young, most of us tend to lean towards a more violent approach when a fight breaks out. Middle-aged people will resort to violence only if they believe it necessary. Finally, fans who are older who will use strategy as their only weapons in a brawl.

So when it comes to throwing down, what age do you fit into? Are you more brains than brawn or are you more of a throwdown knock em out kind of person? Take this quiz to find out if we can guess your age based on your preferences of fighting styles.
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One of the most heartbreaking stories in the X-Men series is Wolverine's unrequited love towards Jean Grey. So if Wolverine were to take his frustrations out on her, who would end up on top?

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Would you rather enter people's dreams or read their thoughts? Who would win this debate, Professor X from the X-Men or Morpheus from The Sandman series?

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Time for one of the most famous of these questions. Who would win a fight, Batman or Superman?

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Superheroes can get a little hot under the collar; however, these two get hot all over. What fire based superhero would burn the other, Sunfire from the X-Men or The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four?

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No one would be easier to catch than a teleporter. What interdimensional traveler would win in a fight Nightcrawler or Blink, both from the X-men?

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When it comes to battling underwater, you best use an Atlantean. Which one could you see winning an underwater fight, Aquaman or Namor?

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Superpowers can be granted by the gods. Which of these blessed ladies would win in a fight, Storm or Wonder Woman?

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Let's get ready for a party! Who would win in a battle, Dazzler or Jubilee?

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Cat burglars can make great superheroes if their moral compass is pointed correctly. So which thief would win the prize, Huntress or Black Cat?

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Mystics can be considered some of the deadliest superheroes. Which of these heroes would win Raven or Doctor Strange?

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Many superheroes can fly, but very few have wings. What winged hero would win in a battle between Angel and Hawkman?

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Aliens will often pity us Earthlings and aid a hand. Which extraterrestrial superhero would win in a fight, Martian Manhunter or Doctor Manhattan?

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Speed is of the essence when it comes to winning a good fight. Which speedy character would win, Quicksilver or The Flash?

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When it comes to religious power, one of these two guys can easily win a war against baddies. But between themselves, who would win, Constantine or Cal McDonald from the Criminal Macabre series?

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A good shot could end a fight quickly. Who would win in a sharpshooting throwdown, Hawkeye or Green Arrow?

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When it comes to love, things can sometimes go south quickly. Which lover would triumph, Dagger or Cloak?

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Which superhero who gained powers through science would win in a fight Spiderman or Nightwing?

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