Pick Your Favorite Beauty Items and We'll Guess If You're More Right-Brained or Left-Brained

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If you have not heard someone say to you "you're definitely left-brained," it is because you've probably heard the opposite. And while it is possible to identify with both sides, it is most typical to have traits that coincide with one side or the other. Now, does that mean you really only use the right or  the left side of your brain? Of course not! Here's a little breakdown for you. 

If you've ever seen the recent remake "A Star Is Born," you've seen the difference between right- and left-brained people. Ally and Jackson are artists. They love singing, writing, and being creative, which are all traits that go hand-in-hand with being right-brained. It's the imaginative side of the brain. However, their manager seems to lack all of those qualities. He is business-minded. He is concerned about profit, numbers and sales. When Ally tells him to stop stripping her of her creativity, he doesn't understand, likely because he is more left-brained than she is. 

So, does this mean if you are a glitter-loving, purple-lipstick-wearing kind of person that you are right-brained? And if you're left-brained, do you care more about what ingredients are in your lotion and how they affect the environment? Maybe! Before we tell you how it all works, pick your favorite beauty items, and we'll guess if you are right- or left-brained. 

What are your go-to eyeshadow tones?

What kind of blush do you wear?

What kind of makeup brush is your favorite?

Which beauty product do you run through the quickest?

Which beauty product do you spend the most money on?

How do you like to apply eyebrow makeup?

Let's go to the beach! Which product will you most definitely throw in your tote?

What do you use to shave?

It's DIY time! What will the base of your at-home face mask be?

Nobody likes peach fuzz! What do you use to remove unwanted facial hair?

How do you contour your face?

What kind of base makeup do you use?

Your loyalty is impressive. Which store do you consistently buy your beauty products from?

What beauty item do you lose most often?

Which makeup brand is your all-time favorite?

How do you prefer to get tan?

What makeup item can you not live without?

How do you get rid of oil on your face?

Which beauty item is found in your purse at all times?

Treat yourself! Tell us what kind of manicure you love to get.

How do you get the perfect lashes?

Which products do you use in your morning skincare routine?

Which products do you use in your nighttime skincare routine?

How do you keep your eyebrows tame?

What's your preferred lipstick type?

What kind of deodorant do you like?

Which curling iron size do you use?

If you could be given any of these hair products, what would it be?

You'd never be caught dead using which of these beauty products?

What kind of face product do you like the most?

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