Pick Your Favorite Childhood Junk Foods and We’ll Guess If You’re Gen X, Millennial, or Baby Boomer

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Some things permeate throughout generations, like music, novels, and baseball cards. But something much more important than any old piece of art or collectible? Snacks! Whether you are considered a Baby Boomer, part of the Gen X clan, or one of those infamous Millennials, some of the fondest memories we all have as kids have to do with those late night snacks, early morning cereals, and cute little bags of cookies we ate for lunch. 

And while most of the foods we see at the grocery store today look a bit different than they did in the 50s (shoutout to you, Baby Boomers!), some of the same junk foods that were enjoyed while watching the moon landing are still fan favorites today. Ruffles potato chips and Cocoa Puffs made their debut in the 50s, while Starburst, Bugles, and Swedish Fish launched to the American public in the 60s. 

So, tell us everything ... what you ordered from McDonald's before you were old enough to sit in the front seat of the car, which sugary cereal you rotted your teeth with every Saturday morning, and which candy you hid from everyone around you. Take this quiz to tell us about your favorite childhood junk foods, and we'll guess if you're Gen X, Millennial, or Baby Boomer!

Every time you hit the doughnut shop, which type would you get?

What Doritos flavor was your favorite?

Pick the snack you had to beg your parents to buy.

Where were the best chicken nuggets from?

Happy birthday! Which cake flavor did you always ask for on your special day?

What's the first thing you learned to microwave?

If crumbs were in your bed, what would they be from?

What about your favorite Lays chip flavor?

Tell us ... what kind of Cheetos would you lick your fingers clean for?

Once you were old enough to drink soda, which kind would you guzzle like there was no tomorrow?

What was your go-to DQ order?

It's a Saturday morning, and Dad's cooking breakfast. What do you beg him for?

Cheese! Which cheese-flavored cracker did you always pack in your lunch?

The fridge was never without which type of juice?

Add your ideal mac 'n cheese topping.

Your PB & J was never complete without which jelly?

You couldn't live without which kind of cookie?

No judgement here. Which kind of Oreos would you salivate over?

Not that you would ... but if you were caught stealing candy at the store, what kind would it be?

Please and thank you! Which fast food joint would you be on your best behavior for?

One of these could cure even the worst day in a child's life. What was it?

You didn't care how sugary it was. You still don't. What kind of cereal would you stuff in your mouth by the handfuls?

Plain M&M's are so blah. Which ones would you prefer?

Cheese and peanut butter? Yes please. Describe how your crackers looked.

Every time you went to a cookout, which food did you reach for first?

Pizza days were the best days. Which toppings were your faves?

Remember those sugar comas? Which sour snack did you devour back in the day?

Dip, crunch, repeat! Which potato chip dip would you inhale?

You could easily eat an entire bag in one sitting. Which snack comes to mind?

You'd refuse to eat pizza without which dipping sauce?

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