Pick Your Favorite Movies and We'll Tell You If You're Left-Brained or Right-Brained

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Are you the kind of person who likes a good movie? If you are, have you ever thought about why you might like one type of movie more than you do another? A lot of people would say whether or not you like a movie depends on whether you are left-brained or right-brained.  The right side of your brain is the part that is more creative and artistic, while the left brain is way more logical and analytical. 

So let's think about you in the movie theater, sitting there with your 18-dollar bucket of popcorn, your 13-dollar soda the size of your head and hopefully someone fun to watch the movie with. What would be the movie that you would want to check out the most? Would it be a documentary about climate change or a movie about some rich dude falling in love with a poor chick? Would you be more into "Wall Street," or would you be dying to see "Driving Miss Daisy"? The answer depends on what side of your brain is most dominant. Oh, and if you snuck your own snacks in instead of paying for that huge tub of popcorn? That means you are left brained too.

Take our quiz and we'll analyze both sides of your brain.

What is your favorite way to watch a movie?

When a book has been made into a movie, do you read the book before seeing the movie?

Which Action/Adventure film do you like most?

Which animated film would you like to see again?

Which of the following films do you think was most overrated?

What decade made the best horror movies?

Which Romantic Comedy is your love life most like?

If a film was made about your job, what genre would it be?

Which Disney princess movie do you like most?

Which classic male actor do you like most?

Which Eddie Murphy film do you think is funniest?

Which zombie movie do you like the most?

How many times have you seen "Gone with the Wind?"

Which war movie would you say is the best of all time?

Which Tom Hanks movie do you think was his strongest?

Which Jennifer Lopez movie would you watch again?

Do you get annoyed when you cannot predict the endings of movies?

Which director do you think has the most impressive body of work?

Which classic film would you say you like more than the rest?

Which movie do you think has the best soundtrack?

Who would you like to see Johnny Depp costar with?

Which Tom Cruise movie do you think was the pinnacle of his career?

How would you finish the following sentence: A good storyline will _________________.

Which animal movie do you find most endearing?

Do you follow your favorite movie stars on social media?

Which dance film did you find most inspiring?

Do you like movies that have a lot of flashback scenes?

Which movie with time travel do you like most?

Do you always go see sequels of movies you've seen?

Which movie streaming service do you use most often?

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