Pick Your Favorite TV Shows and We'll Predict Your Future

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Some of us watch TV to get away from our lives, indulging in the fantasy of the lives of glamorous or ridiculous people on reality TV. Others enjoy testing our wits with game shows. Still more enjoy the escapism and community of narrative, the education you can get from an excellent documentary or the catharsis and commentary that comes from a relatable and trenchant sitcom, or a particularly observant segment of a great late-night show.

Perhaps you find inspiration in the story of someone like you - on the inside or outside - beating the odds. Perhaps you enjoy the idea of breaking away from how stuffy people say you ought to be living, and changing career or leaving it all behind. Maybe you want to laugh at the powers that be - or emulate their lifestyles, maybe even join their ranks someday. Perhaps you ultimately find it fun to escape into a little light fantasy or make some sharp comments on the absurdity of modern life. At the end of the day,  you're all about family, stability, and building a responsible future, meaning while you're not going to upset the applecart too much, you are going to make a great life for yourself.

What you want from the greatest mass communication medium ever built - besides something to point your furniture at! - tells you something about what you value, how open you are to change, and how you see yourself in the world. Tell us about the stories you love on the small screen, and let's see what light they shed on the story you're starring in.

What genre helps you relax at the end of a hard day?

What do you watch to learn something?

How do you feel about antiheroes?

What sort of leading character do you like?

Do you like shows that threaten your worldview?

Do you like zombie shows?

Which superhero show is the best one?

Which show about corporations is the best?

Which sitcom makes the best observations about life?

Which late night host makes you smile most?

Do you prefer to binge watch, or take shows one episode at a time?

Which reality show do you never miss?

Which news content do you watch?

Do you pay for the TV you consume?

Does it have to be family friendly?

Do you love shows that are kind of formulaic?

Do you watch swords-and-sorcery shows?

What documentary is the most compelling you've seen recently?

Do you like awards-bait shows?

Which female-driven show do you like?

Which male-driven show do you like?

Which British import are you watching?

Are most of the shows you watch fairly diverse?

Do you watch more network, cable, or streaming?

What device do you watch on?

Do you get involved in the fandom?

Do you like cult hits that not many people watch?

Do you prefer miniseries, long series, or one-offs?

Do you watch shows that are mostly not still on the air?

Do you prefer huge budget extravaganzas or lower budget, more intimate shows?

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