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Pike are big aggressive fish found all around the world. After you take this quiz you'll have a better idea how to catch them.

What are holarctic fish?

It means the fish are found all around the world in the freshwaters of most northern and arctic regions.


If an angler tells you he has caught a northern, what does he refer to?

He has caught a pike, since in the U.S. they are often called northern pike or just "northern."


What size can pike commonly reach in larger lakes and rivers?

They can reach 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms).


What are the eating habits of pike in spring?

They will eat almost anything around them.


Is there any drawback to using live bait?

It is illegal in some places to fish with live bait.


How do you determine the size of bait to use?

Match the bait size to the expected size of the fish you are going after.


Why do some anglers use two hooks in a single bait?

Pike often grab the prey in the middle and after a while spit it out and swallow it head first.


How do you ensure hooking a pike?

Wait for the line to go in a second time before pulling to set the hook.


Is live bait the only way to catch big pike?

Pike are scavengers as well as predators and will go for anything that resembles food living or dead.


What can you do if live bait makes you squeamish?

You can use artificial bait.


Where will you find the pike?

They are attracted to calm highly vegetated areas with plenty of food.


What is one of the most effective lures for pike fishing?

A spoon lure is probably the most effective lure.


How does it work?

The spoon shape causes it to wobble in the water, resembling the motion of a swimming fish.


When should you cast your lure?

Cast before the target area so the ripples from the entry do not spook the pike.


In the summer where will you usually find the pike?

In the summer they prefer the deeper cooler waters.


Why should you vary the speed that you troll?

Varying the speed of the troll affects the amount of wobbling of the lure making it more interesting.


Which is the more difficult technique of fishing?

Fly fishing requires more practice and skill than other types of fishing.


What is the secret of successful fly fishing?

Fly fishing relies on casting technique to make a good catch.


What type of water is fly fishing designed for?

Fly fishing is designed for shallow water fishing


How does the fly attract the pike?

The rapid motion and bright colors trigger an aggressive response, almost ensuring the pike will strike.


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