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Pike fishing is possible all around the world, in countries ranging from Russia to Canada, Ireland to Sweden, Finland to the United States. Accordingly, many seasons are suitable for pike fishing. To get the lowdown on great pike fishing locations and seasons, take this quiz.

What sort of waters are home to northern pike?

Northern pike swim in chilly waters in many countries around the world.


What makes pike fishing so satisfying?

Pike are predators so they'll bite on almost anything.


In which direction do pike teeth point?

Pike teeth point backward, which helps them grab and hold large prey.


Why are pike called "pike"?

Pike resemble a spear or pike, hence their name.


Which northern country has some of the best pike fishing?

Sweden has some of the best pike fishing.


Why is pike fishing so popular in Sweden?

Both reasons mentioned means that there are loads of pike in Sweden's waters.


What can you see at the ancient fishing sites of Basto Fishing Camp?

At Basto Fishing Camp, you can see pike skulls adorning trees.


When do pike spawn?

Pike usually spawn in the month of May.


Which are larger, lake pike or river pike?

Lake pike are usually several pounds larger.


When the summer is colder, where can you expect to find pike?

They are likely to be closer to the shore.


If you want to fish in the Yukon, what do you need to do first?

To fish in the Yukon, you need to obtain a license first.


What makes Ontario a good fishing spot?

Ontario has 15 percent of Earth's freshwater, which means that fishing opportunities abound.


The largest pike on record weighed in at:

The largest pike caught so far weighed 55 pounds (25 kilos).


Which of these affect pike feeding times?

The seasons affect pike feeding times.


Why do large numbers of young pike not make it to adulthood?

Many young pike don't make it to adulthood because they get eaten by predators or by their own kind.


What percentage of pike eggs reach maturity?

Surprisingly, fewer than 0.1 percent of pike eggs reach maturity.


Why are Ireland's lakes great for winter fishing?

Ireland's lakes don't freeze over so there's no ice to battle with.


Where is Ireland's annual Pike Fishing Classic held?

It is held at Lough Erne every year.


Does Ireland allow you to use live fish as bait?

No, government regulations don't allow using live fish as bait.


If you want to do ice fishing, how thick should the ice be?

The ice should be at least 4 inches (10 centimeters) thick, otherwise it would be unsafe to put your weight on.


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