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If you want to improve your chances of a good pike catch, concentrate your efforts on the spawning season. To learn more about the spawning habits of pike, take this quiz.

When is the best time for pike fishing?

One of the best times for pike fishing is during spawning season.


Where do pike spawn?

They migrate to their favorite spawning waters.


Do the females attract the males to mate with them?

They don't actually mate. It is a non-sexual reproduction.


When do the females release their eggs?

The males entice the females to release their eggs by nudging the females' abdomens with their tails.


How are the eggs inseminated?

The males release clouds of seminal fluid around the female to increase chances of fertilization.


How many eggs can be released by the female?

Pike can lay between 25,000 and 225,000 eggs.


Why is spawning season good for fishing?

That is when large concentrations of enthusiastic pike are looking to spawn.


What is the purpose of milt?

It is the seminal fluid that fertilizes the eggs.


How do the eggs hatch?

The eggs attach to vegetation.


What affects the time taken for hatching?

Water temperature affects the time it takes the eggs to hatch.


For how long do the females care for their young?

They don't look after their young. Soon after releasing their eggs they leave the area.


What do the females do after spawning?

They go on a binge, eating anything they can swallow -- including male pike.


What do both male and female pike do before spawning?

They eat as much as they can, since they lose interest in food during the spawning process.


Is there a problem fishing during the pre-spawning season?

Check that pre-spawning fishing is legal in your state.


Which females release more eggs?

The bigger females release more eggs and also draw more males.


How do the newly hatched pike attach themselves to vegetation during growing and while resting?

They have a sticky patch on their heads that allows them to attach and detach like a sticky note. This patch disappears after they mature.


When does spawning season begin?

It depends on water temperature, which needs to be at least 40 degrees F (4.4 C).


Who spends the longer period in the spawning area?

The male moves in a couple of weeks before the females and stay for a couple of weeks after.


Where do you find the largest pike?

Because of the larger amount of food available, you find larger pike in rivers.


What is the best bait to use during pre-spawning?

They are so hungry it doesn't matter if you use live or artificial bait, but most states have regulations concerning live bait.


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