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Making your own stenciled pillow designs adds charm and innovation to your home décor. With a host of delightful and easy to use stencil patterns, you can dress up your toss or throw pillows in any room of the house. The patterns can also be repeated on other furnishings to create a more homey and harmonious look and feel.

What is the advantage of stenciling your own pillow designs?

When you stencil your own pillow designs, you can apply several techniques in many ways and harmonize the details in your home. You can also create new themes and designs.


For these stencil designs, what size pillow should you use?

These stencil designs are designated for toss or throw pillows, which generally measure 12 to 14 inches square.


What is muslin?

Muslin is a thin fabric that is used in the pillow stencil designs.


For the Sunflower pillow, how do you protect the petals while stenciling the leaves?

Before you begin stenciling, make a shield to protect the sunflower petals by tracing or stenciling the outline of the sunflower onto a piece of cardstock or thick paper. You then cut out the shield and set it aside.


When painting in the Sunflower stencil, why should you not be concerned if some of the Amber paint from the center of the flower strays onto the Sunflower Yellow petals?

If some of the Amber paint gets on the Yellow petals, it provides nice shading. In any case, you will be shading the lower left and center of the petals with Bark Brown.


For the Sunflower stencil, what size stencil brush should you use to fill in the leaves?

Use a 5/8-inch stencil brush to fill in the leaves, with Garden Green acrylic paint.


For the Sunflower pillow, what implements should you use to write the word SUNFLOWER?

To add script to the design, use a disappearing marking pen to write the word SUNFLOWER repeatedly. Then trace over the words with brown permanent marker.


How do you add faux stitching to a stenciled pillow design?

To add faux stitching around a design, take a ruler and draw a set of dashed lines against it with a marker.


How do you keep the muslin in position on the cardboard square while you stencil?

Before you begin to stencil, spray the cardboard square lightly with repositionable stencil adhesive. Then put the muslin on the cardboard, and smooth it onto the sticky surface.


How do you get the completed stencil onto the pillow itself?

Once you have completed the stencil design on the muslin square, iron the muslin onto a square of iron-on adhesive. Then iron the muslin onto the pillow.


What shape is repeated in a plaid pattern?

While squares are repeated in a checkerboard pattern and circles make up a polka dot design, diamonds are forever in a plaid pattern.


For the Plaid Pillow stencil, what should you use to mark off the plaid border areas?

When making the Plaid Pillow stencil, measure and mark the plaid border areas, and then tape them off with painter's tape.


In the Plaid Pillow stencil, what image is stenciled between the top and bottom plaid areas?

A garden of colorful flowers is stenciled between the upper and lower bands of plaid.


To stencil onto muslin, what do you need to add to acrylic paint?

To stencil onto any type of fabric, you must add fabric medium to the acrylic paint. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions to know just how to do that.


In the Teddy Bear pillow design, what do Honeycomb, Glazed Carrots and Licorice have in common?

They are the names of the Plaid FolkArt acrylic paint to be used for the design. The other colors for this stencil are Navy Blue, Turner's Yellow and Lipstick Red.


On the Teddy Bear design, which part of the umbrella should get the most paint?

You should stipple lightly in the center of the umbrella in Navy Blue, but paint more heavily around the outer edges.


For the Teddy Bear pillow, what should you do to heat-set the paint on the design?

After the paint is dry, put a clean cloth over the design and run an iron over it to heat-set the paint.


For the Sweet Seat design, how much of the stencil do you use at a time?

You stencil half the design. After the paint dries, you turn the stencil over and line it up to stencil the other half of the design.


For the Sweet Seat Cushion, from which point should you start, to render the most precise look for the design?

To get a more precise look when you are working on one side of the design square, start in the middle rather than at a corner.


On the Sweet Seat Cushion, how far should the stripes be from the edge of the pillow?

You should stencil the stripes to within one inch of the edge of the cushion.


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