Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess What Food You Hate Most of All

By: Zoe Samuel
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Taste is a funny thing. It's very personal and also very situational. What this means is that what one person loves, another may despise, with foods such as peanut, cilantro, licorice, anchovy and mayonnaise being particularly polarizing. Indeed, there is a British yeast and vegetable spread named Marmite that built its entire brand on the realization that people generally either adore or despise it - it's literally their slogan - "You either love it or you hate it." A hugely successful advertising campaign was built around this, showing people either going to extreme lengths to protect their Marmite or attaching it to cement blocks and chucking it in the river to be sure it couldn't come back and get them later.

Of course, taste isn't the only thing that decides if you like a food. There are also texture and smell to consider - and, as we mentioned, the situation. Food experts have shown that the environment in which a person eats a food strongly affects how they feel about it. If your first exposure to sushi is during a date with an attractive and witty person while at a fine Manhattan restaurant with great service and good ambience, you're much more likely to be pro-sushi than if your first experience was scarfing it down in your car while stuck in a horrific traffic jam because that's all they had at the gas station - and that's before we even address the difference in ingredient quality between those two meals. 

All of this results in some very strong feelings about foods, feelings that can persist in the face of everyone else seeming to love the thing you loathe. It's time to figure out your food nemesis!

Where does Cracker Jack belong?

Where do you place meat generally?

How do you feel about beef specifically?

What's your take on caffeine?

Would you send Scotch eggs to hell?

How heavenly is dark chocolate?

Where does added sugar belong?

What is the fate of licorice?

Just how hellish is cilantro?

Does chopped liver have a shot at heaven?

Is hot sauce going someplace hot?

Hawaii is earthly paradise - but does Hawaiian pizza belong in the non-earthly version of paradise?

Mushrooms come out of the dirt. Shall they return to it?

Curry. Heaven or hell?

Olives come from a land with many gods and one hell. Are they headed for Olympus, to live with the gods?

What is the divine destiny of bleu cheese?

Should oysters depart from us into the everlasting fire?

Do you place a curse or blessing on mayonnaise?

Is goat cheese going with the righteous sheep or the sinful goats?

Are pickles the devil's own cucumbers?

Marmite: saint or sinner?

Beluga caviar is the food of the rich - but can it fit through the proverbial eye of the needle?

Would dolphin soup be damned?

Is divine redemption coming for beets?

Will the angels ever sing alongside white chocolate?

Will broccoli repent in time?

How does St. Peter evaluate coconut milk?

Swiss cheese is full of holes - but is it holy?

Tofu comes from a culture that doesn't see heaven and hell quite the way some faiths do - but is it going to one of them anyway?

Zucchini noodles: which level of Dante's Inferno do they belong in?

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